Pinterest yumminess I want to try

Spud Waffles   I love this easy idea for hash browns–just press tater tots in an oiled waffle iron.  How easy is that?


Gingersnaps with Orange Cream


Then there’s this recipe for gingersnaps with orange cream filling.  I may just try these this evening!



Chicken Puffs


These garlic chicken puffs look like the perfect food to bring to a party.



Sweet Acorns


This is the most darling use for donut holes that I’ve seen in awhile.  These ‘acorns’ are easy enough that little children could help you make them.




Carrot Cake Cookies

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting  is one of my very favorite things on earth, so these carrot cake cookies (again with the filling) look great to me.







And finally, this recipe for Reeses Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip is, I suspect, something that you wouldn’t want to make very often– I’m guessing it is HUGELY calorie-laden– but wow, it looks fabulous and would be a lot of fun to bring to a party.




  1. I hadn’t bought crescent rolls in at least 5 years, but I bizarrely happen to have a roll in my fridge right now. I also have a bit of leftover rotisserie chicken. I’m thinking that garlic chicken thing up there is looking mighty tempting! Put that with some wild rice pilaf and a salad… yum!

    That cookie dough dip, though… it would *never* make it to a party. Unless it was a pity party… lol. That stuff looks dangerous and absolutely fabulously delicious.

  2. Seeing the pretzels had me thinking of one of our favorite ways to eat them. They are FANTASTIC dipped in bbq sauce. Our local bbq store has samples with them which is where I first saw served this way.
    The kids’ friends think this is the funniest snack and they always ask for them when come to our house along with peanut butter and fluff sandwich squares.
    Your pictures are the closest I have come to Pininterest. Never been on it, facebook, twitter, none of them. I don’t want to start because I am planning on building a tiny house (400 square feet) and don’t want to have to allot space for a computer.

  3. There are just so many tempting recipes, but my favorites must be the garlic chicken puffs and gingersnaps with orange cream filling. Now that Fall is on our doorsteps I just want to bake more and make stews and Pinterest has a lot of interesting boards for that as well.