Our funny weekend

We’ve had such a funny weekend.  John and I planned to spend it camping in the mountains with 7 of our kids.  Saturday morning we got everything packed up and drove two and a half hours to where our trailer is parked on land where John’s mom owns a cabin.  Almost as soon as we arrived, in the midst of kids pitching tents and me unpacking and stocking the trailer kitchen, the phone rang.  It was Erika, whose baby is due in a week, saying that she was having contractions four minutes apart.  Could Lidya (17) and I come?  I was needed for labor support and Lidya was requested to help watch little Ranger during labor.  Erika is planning to deliver at home.

We gave hurried instructions to 19 year old Daniel regarding dinner, and left him in charge, while John and Lidya and I hopped back into the van for the drive back down the mountain.  Thankfully, John’s brother and his wife were staying at the cabin this weekend, and were happy to provide additional moral support.  They ended up having the kids come over for an evening of games while John took Lidya and me on a speedy drive down the mountain.

John dropped Lidya and me off at our house to pick up a vehicle, and headed back up the mountain to be with the kids for the rest of the weekend.  At home we learned that Erika was still having contractions, but they were mild enough that they didn’t need us yet.  Lidya and I entertained ourselves watching Netflicks for awhile, and headed off to bed, expecting that we’d probably be needed in the night.

Next morning I awoke when it was light, surprised to have made it all night without being called.  Turns out Erika’s contractions had quit during the night.  Lidya and I met Erika and Israel for lunch, did a bit of shopping, and spent the rest of the day on writing projects.  (Lidya is taking a college psychology class with loads of homework.)

Meanwhile, John and the kids camped in the mountains.  Without us. John and I sent texts back and forth.  Lidya and I got some projects done, and had some good conversations, but it feels unnatural to have such quiet for so many hours on end.

John and the kids will be home in a few hours, thankfully.  Quiet is nice, but I’ll be glad to have the rest of our people back home.

And see this new baby, whenever she decides to arrive.  🙂


  1. Babies always seem to make us hurry up and wait. Maybe
    Erika will have a true “labor” day. 😉 Hope all goes smoothly whenever she decides to come.

  2. Just kidding!! LOL. Hope the real delivery goes smoothly.