Saturday links

Awhile back I told you about little Jackson, who was born missing part of one leg and who waits in China for a family.  There is a family who is waiting to see if China will give them a waiver to adopt him.  Will you pray the right doors are opened so that he can have a family?  He has waited so long. Also please add to his fund if you can.   $4000 has been raised so far, and in my understanding, an adoption from China these days can be in the range of $20,000-$30,000 or more.

musicwall7Isn’t this music wall just delightful?  I’d love to put something like that together at our house, for the kids and the grandkids.

This post by Lysa Teurkhurst is so worth reading.  “Mama, you are strong. Persevering. Tough. Able to bend without breaking. Willing to be humbled to the point of humiliation. Not blinded. A hunter for wisdom. A praying through woman. A courageous mama. One that wants your child to not just follow the rules but, more...”

Do French Kids Really Eat Everything? Here’s one about kids and food that pretty neatly summarizes how we’ve always done food at our house, though we do let each of our kids refuse an item or two.

The Woman I Want to Be reminds women that God tells us we are “Chosen, Redeemed, Loved, Remembered, Secure, Able and Called.”  I’ve been thinking for awhile of getting a tiny bit of ink around my wrist like a bracelet.  If I ever get brave enough, I think it’ll say, ‘Redeemed, beloved, belonging to the Lord.’  I need to be reminded of that truth every day.



  1. Thank you SO much! It’s exciting to know that others are thinking of him and praying for him, and so encouraging to see that his fund is growing! So grateful, Julie

  2. Nice to know there are so many praying for this little one. You are close on the cost of adopting from China. Have two nieces who were adopted about two years apart from each other ten years ago. The first adoption only $22,000 but the second child’s adoption was a whopping $37,000.
    Having daughters just returning from a third world country, after several months, they were appalled to find out that there is NO curriculum or plan for the handicapped or mentally challenged in the entire country—-none. While we take special education classes, teachers, and needs of handicapped children and adults for granted here in the US, pray for those in other countries.