Moveable chicken house

Check out the moveable chicken house that John designed and built for our chickens!  It has wheels at one end so that it can be moved around each day.  There’s a built-in feeder, a roost, and four nesting boxes, and the structure is big enough to house half a dozen chickens.  You can see construction details at John’s blog.

Chicken house


  1. Linda Sue says:

    Oh now I have portable coop envy – this is a terrific thing and would be splendid to “till” my yard and get rid of weeds – Your John is a great guy (but then you already knew that didn’t you?) enjoy and cluck cluck!

  2. Love it!! John is so gifted with wood. I’ll keep this in mind for “someday” when we live in a place that we can have chickens. 🙂

  3. Looks beautiful! We also have an old chicken tractor that the previous owners of our house built. It took some repairs but it’s functional (just not lovely lol). 🙂