Life with a toddler, according to Erika

I’ve decided to ask my adult daughters to chime in now and then here on my blog, to share a bit about their lives with little ones.  Today it’s Erika, my second daughter.  She’s 23 and lives half an hour away with her husband Israel and their most darling little guy Ranger, who turned one in March.  They’re expecting another baby in September, so their life is only going to get busier!  Here she writes about a day last week.


Welcome to another day in my life!

Here it is in its mundane glory. A day at home with my 13 month old:

7:30AM – Through the baby monitor the child makes noises of awakening. I go to his room and am able to bounce him to sleep again.
7:40 AM – I settle myself on the couch for a few undisturbed minutes in the blogosphere.
8:23 AM – Ranger is up and ready for the day.
8:45 AM – Breakfast. Greek yogurt and raisin bran for Ranger. Milk and raisin bran for the husband and me.
8:55 AM – I leave my breakfast for a few soggy minutes to make a peanut butter lunch for Israel.
RangerLunch9:00 AM – Husband is off after a brief request that I not leave any food out in the sink, dishwasher or under the highchair so we might have a chance of beating the ants. I resign myself to life in the kitchen and he says it really won’t be that bad. I suppose if I don’t let the dishes build up for three days it won’t take as long to get under control. Here’s to a new leaf and no ants!
9:20 AM- start getting the kitchen as food-free as possible. Clean kitchen, run dishwasher, run clothes washer, change a diaper, change out the inner tube on the stroller, sweep floor. While I do this Ranger wanders around outside a few minutes and then watches an episode of Curious George on Netflix.
10:30 AM- get ready to go run! Gather appropriate clothing, a snack and bottle for Ranger and head out.
10:53-11:21AM – run 2.33 miles. Beautiful day.
11:25 AM – nurse Ranger, let him play outside, try and figure out if it’s still possible to run 365 miles this year while allowing for the fact that I will only get more pregnant til September and then a short rest is required (conclusion: it might be possible), catch up on Facebook, and read a couple blog posts.
12:05 PM – make ranger’s lunch (leftover hamburger goulash, yogurt, pretzels, strawberries, and celery with peanut butter) and my lunch (huge salad with romaine lettuce, two microwave eggs, mushrooms, celery, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and honey mustard dressing), and clean up lunch prep mess.
12:35 PM – lunch get ranger more food, clean him and his RangerFlowerchair.
12:45 PM – lunch.
1:10 PM – decide it’s time to advance the laundry. Find out the washer is semi-broken. Attempt to help it along. No use. Spin cycle is dead. No laundry today.
1:30-3:30 PM – watch our friend’s little boy and our little boy. Look through and put away boxes of hand me down baby clothes. Play outside. Spend time on Facebook, feed bottles to both and try to stave off craziness and crying.
3:45 PM – Ranger goes down for a nap, I read, eat a bowl of raisin bran, dump half of it on the floor and wish we had a dog so I wouldn’t have to clean up food all the time. Call the cats. Clean it up while they get the edges.
4:50 PM – bounce Ranger back to sleep on the exercise ball.
5:20 PM – up again. He nurses and sleeps on me another half hour.
5:50 PM – Ranger gets a snack. I think about making dinner….and then get distracted by my new piano book that arrived that afternoon.
6:30 PM – The wonderful husband texts and wonders if I’d like to go out for Italian. Um, yes. Thank you and I love you!
6:45 PM – we’re out the door and off to eat delicious food I didn’t make.
8:45 PM – Home again. Ranger’s asleep and in his crib.
9:15 PM – bounce him back down.
9:30 PM – watched half of X-Men 2 with the husband.
11:45 PM – bed and watch husband pack for his trip.
12:15 AM – change diaper because of fussing, but somehow the child is still zonked out the whole time. bounce him back down.
1:30 AM ish. Sleep at last.
5:00 AM – Husband’s alarm to catch a flight for a business trip.
5:05 AM – repeat.
5:25 AM – wave husband off. I decide I am too awake to go back to sleep immediately and read the morning’s blogs.
5:45 AM – Clean up after the cat who probably ate more ribbon due to lack of brains and is trying to get rid of it…close bedroom door so I can skip listening to his continued retching.
6:20. Asleep again finally.
6:55. Bounce Ranger back down.
7-8. Attempt sleep.
8. Ranger is up and jumping around back in bed with me while I pretend I might sleep more.
8:30. Breakfast.


If you’d like to compare, I did this once before on my blog when Ranger was 5 months old and found it interesting. It is in three parts here: 1, 2, 3.


  1. Elissa says:

    Love this. When I was pregnant and had a 1 yr old, I sat and closed my eyes in the chair in the playroom. He’d play for a few minutes, crawl into my lap and hyg or kiss, then play more. THis’d go on for an hour or so. I never really slept but it sure flet a lot better than not trying at all. Boy was my tummy big!

    ANTS- ugh…try to find out where they are coming from is incredibly helpful. THey HATE Tree Tea Oil. THey also hate vinegar. I put bowls of tree tea oil out to keep away from food areas like cabinets. I clean floors and counters with vinegar with a few drops of oil in it. Once you find where they come from, spray diluted tea tree oil across the threshold. Check it out. It works for me.