Stuck in Boise this week!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that the adoption documentary STUCK is currently touring the US. It highlights the plight of children stuck in orphanages waiting for families.  It is a tremendously moving and interesting film, and along with showing families traveling the adoption path, it illuminates the way politics dramatically impacts the lives of children who wait.  This weekend the movie lands in Boise, and is showing at the Flicks theater at 7PM. If you’d like to attend the movie in Boise, you can go here to order tickets–  you’ll need to do so before 4PM on Saturday.  You can also download the video to watch it online right here.


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  1. Had to chuckle when read the title of this post. Knew what you were talking about but given our winter weather this year ….
    We had snow yesterday here and are expecting more this week so a person could literally be stuck just about anywhere in the cold weather states these days!
    For mother’s day starting now, I am going to go on a self-imposed diet of no computer (except for work) until the end of school. I will need the extra time for school field trips, surgeries, family events, and keeping house nice and pretty to sell.
    See you later.