Those dresses

Awhile back I mentioned finding dresses at the thrift store for our daughters to wear to a banquet put on by some of the ladies in our church.  Here are my lovely girls in their finery.  Much fun was had by all that evening!

ZLidya (547x800)

Zey (545x800)
ZeryLidya (800x647)

And in case you’re interested in what I decided to do about my clothing dilemma earlier this week, I decided to go with the grey top. And then I went to the thrift store and found a necklace and earrings for $5 to go with it. Thanks for all the votes– it was really fun to read all your feedback!


  1. Pretty girls! All three! 🙂

  2. Two beautiful young ladies and two lovely dresses.
    When my daughter needed a dress some years ago, it was hard to find something that fitted, she is short, and slim. Most were far too fussy and would not suit her, as well as very expensive, for somehing that would only be worn once. We finally found a lovely deep red plain nightdress in a silky material, that looked great on her. lt was made from much better material than most of the dresses, could be shortened by simply adjusting the shoulder straps and could of course be washed.

  3. vickie crouch says:

    Wow, 2 lovely girls!

  4. When did they grow up??? 🙂 Very pretty in their dresses.

  5. How fun and pretty they are!

  6. Lovely!

  7. Beautiful girls! I like you you did with the dresses. Simple fixes and they look lovely!

  8. Sandwich in Wi says:

    Beautiful! I love the huge ring and the blue flowers in the hair. Very lovely!

    My dd and I just found her Jr. prom dress at St. Vinnies for $13.50. Not that we couldn’t have afforded a new one, but what for? She buys most of her clothes at thrift stores and it was her idea to look there. Compared to what my friend spent on a dress for ONE of her daughters, we have $170 to spend on something else!

    Great job!


  9. Wow, they are beautiful! They always look cute when you share photos, but they look so elegant and grown up in this setting.

  10. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. Far more than the lovely dresses. 🙂