3 things

I’ve got several random odds and ends floating around in my brain today to tell you about.  First, I’m honored to be featured today at 3 Things For Mom where I’m sharing a truth, a tip and a find. The idea for the website is a lot of fun– be sure to check out some of the other posts too!

The winner of the Veggie Tales video is Sarah, commenter #44.  Congrats, Sarah!

I’ve done a fair number of giveaways in the last month or so.  When they start stacking up, I always wonder if they’re something you all still like, or if maybe you’d rather I just skip them.  I do try to review things that I think will be interesting to you. What do you think:  are you all still enjoying giveaways?  Would you rather see fewer of them?

This week I’m packing and looking forward to a weekend get-away to the Created for Care retreat in Atlanta.  Are you going?  If so, give me a holler. I’d love to say hi!  As much as I adore my precious family, I do also love these little getaway weekends.  This time around I was able to use frequent flyer miles, so my plane ticket was a grand $10.  And since I’m speaking on the Friday night mom-panel and helping with one other breakout session, my hotel room was covered too.  I’m feeling very spoiled and am very much looking forward to chatting with other like-minded mommas.

Now I’m off to make some casseroles for when I’m gone this weekend, wash some clothes so I can pack, and figure out the details of a joint birthday party for  our 15 year old Josh and our grandbaby Ranger, both celebrating birthdays this week.  Hard to believe it’s already been a year since this little sweetie was born.



  1. Shucks, I know I’m a sucker for giveaways! I haven’t entered the last few just because they weren’t things I needed and I’m trying not to accumulate more “stuff”! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with us! Have fun at your getaway!

  2. I LOVE the giveaways! Your grandbabies are precious, precious! I appreciate your blog and book. They’ve been a help and encouragement to me, as our family expanded so rapidly. 2 kiddos and then 4 more, 4 and under… ah, the beauty of twins! 🙂

  3. Love the giveaways because usually something never seen before. But I have not been entering because my teenage daughter (last of ten home) and myself are relocating to a 600 square foot house and no room for ‘extras’.
    Why is the price of air travel so expensive in the states? Other parts of the world it is dirt cheap. Also other countries have four weeks mandatory time off in addition to two weeks sick leave, paid healthcare and paid for education through to finishing college? Yep there are issues to living in other parts of the world (like no choc chips in Scotland to no women’s products in India or Cambodia, to no graham crackers in South Africa) but really helps me understand why so many people are moving to other countries. Off my soapbox–what started that one—oh yeah; the high price of air travel in the United States.
    Glad to have grandbabies at this stage of my life. They are so much fun but when they are fussy, time to find mom or dad. Also with a grandbaby in the house a person is forced to be more active which helps me immensely.

  4. Love the giveaways. Especially when I win! I enjoy your blog, too. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Do people really say they don’t like to win free stuff? I definitely do not fall into that camp. Since I know you have a lot of followers in various stages of life, I try to only enter giveaways that actually apply to me so that those for whom it would be more appropriate have fair chances. Anything else I can enter without the use of Facebook or Twitter is fair game and I will certainly give it a try! 🙂

    And yes, that little sweetie pie is adorable.

  6. Have a wonderful time at Created for Care – enjoy speaking! Let’s connect after you get back; I think life may be slowly coming back together for me.

    Blessings on your travels.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love giveaways! I don’t enter all of them because I don’t need or want everything given away, or sometimes I want to leave my name out because I feel the item would be more useful or meaningful to someone else than to me. But I certainly don’t mind giveaways popping up in the blogs I read!

    And…I hope your trip is wonderful!

  8. I love giveaways! I too choose to enter if it is something I or someone I know could be blessed by, if not then I want it to go to someone else whocould use the blessing. Have a great weekend away and remember “Every flight that lands is a good one!”

  9. Such a cutie! They grow so fast – I blink and a whole year goes by. How does that happen?

    I love the giveaways. I don’t enter them all – sometimes I’m not interested in the item being given away, and sometimes, though I’m interested, I think it would be a greater benefit to someone else so I don’t enter then. So I only enter if I’m truly interested in an item and could really put it to good use. But I definitely don’t mind seeing them show up in my news feed!

  10. ginny jolin says:

    Love the giveaways. I, too, usually enter the ones that I’d like..like the book I just won! It’s terrific, by the way “Puria”.

  11. I love the giveaways and it’s usually something I’ve never seen at the store. I didn’t enter the last one (even though we the adults love them) because I wanted to allow someone else to win with younger children. Our last 4 adopted kids don’t seem to be interested in them and that makes us sad.