Because few things in life satisfy a girl like facial hair

This afternoon while driving home from a movie, my 8 year old daughter said, “Mom, how come girls don’t have beards?”

I laughed.  “Well, I guess it’s because most girls don’t grow much hair on their faces.”

She frowned and sighed.  “That’s not fair.  I really want to have a goatee.”


  1. My 4 year old son would really like to be a girl so he can have long hair like his sister. I’m not sure what the attraction is. I’ve never considered wanting a goatee. Must just look cool?

    My 10 year old son looked at me like I was absolutely psycho when he found out that lots of women (me included!) actually pull out hairs on their eyebrows – on purpose!

  2. That is hilarious! This is why people should keep right on having kids. 🙂

  3. Hilarious!! As Art Linkletter (boy, am I dating myself; who remembers him??) used to say, “Kids say the darndest things!” He was right.

  4. Hahahaha!! 🙂

  5. This is, too, funny.

  6. This made me laugh out loud. Also reminded me of a few years back when my sister was visiting. We were standing in the bathroom chatting while I was fixing my hair. Out of no where she exclaimed, “Joanne, you have a mustache.” Leave it to a sister to be bluntly honest.

    • That reminds me of that scene in Big Fat Greek Wedding where the mother of the bride is getting her chin plucked by her sister, and is trying to rush off and do something else and the sister says, ‘Wait, wait, you’ve got one more big one!’
      Ah, sisters!

  7. Tell her that when she turns 40, the chances increase….

  8. Haha! That’s great. I really enjoy your blog. Lots of good info and a time for chuckles too. 🙂

  9. She and Sarah might have a lot in common 😉