Valentine Giveaway: Gluten-free goodies

For awhile I’ve been mostly avoiding wheat, but every now and then I succumb to temptation– usually pizza or dinner rolls. Well, twice lately after doing that, I’ve broken out into a rash. For some reason, avoiding wheat has made me MORE sensitive to it when I do have it. Bummer. I guess that means I’d better be more serious about this whole gluten free thing.

All of this served to make me extra-thrilled when I got this  Nuffins Gluten-Free 6 Mix Variety Pack in the mail.  These baking mixes include sugar cookies, cornbread, pancakes, chocolate brownies, muffins and chocolate chip cookie mix.  (Amazon includes a chocolate cake mix instead of the second cookie mix that I got.)

If you click through to the link, you’ll see that this 6-pack assortment is $37 on amazon. That may seem like a fair bit if you don’t usually buy gluten free goodies, but these mixes are quite generous, I think. I used 1/4 of the pancake mix and got 5 good-sized pancakes, and the brownie mix made a full 9×13 pan, or 20 brownies. If only one or two members of your family is gluten free, just one box of any of these would probably last you quite awhile.

The mixes contain a combination of rice flour and some other flours, which means there is a very slight graininess to the texture, as is very typical of gluten free items. But I thought the flavor was excellent, and my family quite happily ate muffins and brownies right along with me.

If you know how to bake with gluten free ingredients, you’d be able to put together similar recipes for less money. But face it, eating gluten free is a lot of work– I often have to make myself meals that are a bit different than the rest of my family. Mixes like these would make gluten-free eating easier for lots of people.  You may decide the convenience is worth the bucks. And the packaging is just plain fun.

I have a 6-pack of these goodies to give away today to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  All you have to do to be entered in the giveaway is comment below and tell me what you’re doing to brighten someone’s day today. For a second entry, go ‘like’ Nuffins OR  Owlhaven (or both) on Facebook and come back here and tell me you in another comment that you did so.

In our house John and I have the tradition of giving each of our kids their own little box of chocolates.  This year, he and I didn’t communicate especially well, and BOTH of us ended up buying things for the kiddos still at home.  They’re going to be surprised this morning to wake up to TWO boxes of chocolate each.

How about you?  What do you do to make a loved one’s Valentine’s Day special?  I’ll choose a winner of the baking mixes on Monday.


  1. I haven’t tried this brand of GF mixes and would love to win a set!

    This is a kind of backwards way of making someone’s Valentine’s Day, but this morning when one of my daughters gave me a bracelet made of pipecleaners, foam stickers, and a jingle bell, I put it on and said it was the best jewelry gift I had gotten in a long time. She was so pleased! It made me think about how sometimes a great way to give love is to receive it gladly in whatever form it’s offered.

  2. I’m volunteering at a free medical clinic today.

  3. Making Valentines and Cookies for our neighborhood.

  4. I visited the fb page of both

  5. I’m making my husband his favorite dinner. But I would love to win these for my grandpa, who is gluten-free and turning 89 this weekend!

  6. Liked Nuffins on FB!

  7. I made my husband’s favorite dessert last night, which he enjoyed last night, and will still continue to enjoy today!

    I already “liked” Owlhaven on Facebook, and just now clicked like for Nuffins!

  8. Blessed Mama says:

    We made homemade blueberry muffins in cute heart papers for breakfast for most of the family & our little GF guy had a special GF cereal 🙂

  9. I already like Owlhaven on FB!
    I would love to try these mixes for myself and for my almost 15 year old daughter. She is gluten-free but usually sugar-free as well except for some special occasions. It would be nice to have these on hand for those days when I want to make her a treat and don’t feel like fussing with all of the ingredients in the recipes that I have!

    As for Valentine’s Day, I am going to make the kids heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for when they get home from school! 🙂

  10. Blessed Mama says:

    I already like Owlhaven on FB 🙂

  11. My friend has started a gluten free blog and she lives in our area. She has lots of really great recipes and ideas! You should check her out.

  12. I started the day with valentines chocolate for my son and extra snuggles for the baby

  13. I just had emergency surgery so our Valentine’s plans have been postponed. We are using my husband’s hotel points from his many work related travels to stay in an expensive hotel and have a nice dinner out while mom watches the kids!

  14. I was just talking with the kids about what we should do for Daddy – They are making cards, and I think I will work on something sweet.

  15. For my kids at college, I sent care packages with gluten free goodies. For a college student it can be very difficult eating gluten free, not to mention the expense of it. I made gf chex mix, cookies, etc. I usually include a fun little game or puzzle to give them a break from their studies and a card/note and add in any other little things I can think of. I’ve always used a bag of marshmallows for packing material and the kids find a way to use them.

  16. I got all my kids a little candy treat. Hubby I got a little wooden sign with the words to “Amazing Grace.”

    My nephew is GF and I know he would enjoy these treats.

  17. I started my day at 5am with a child vomiting 🙂

    I’ve been gluten-free for 9 years after being diagnosed with Celiacs. I’d love to try these products. And yes, I think it’s very common to become more sensitive after being off gluten.

  18. I liked your FB page! 🙂

  19. I’m making hubby’s favorite dinner for the family tonight: thin cut steaks wrapped around a piece of Swiss cheese and a few asparagus spears, then baked in the oven. We might even have some chocolate fondue after we put the Ida in bed. 🙂

  20. I like Owlhaven on Facebook.

  21. ohhh I would love to get some GF yummies! I made my hubby a photo book of all our memories from 2012!

  22. I liked Owlhaven on facebook.

  23. I made chocolate covered apples for the family.

  24. To start the day I made heart shaped pancakes for the kids for breakfast (gluten free for one daughter). Tonight we’ll have a nice dinner followed by a big box of chocolates shared by all.

  25. I also liked Owlhaven on Facebook. 🙂

  26. we made heart shape pancakes & had pretty decorations…

  27. I just got out of the hospital yesterday with colitis and DH ( a restaurant manager) is working so only plans are ordering pizza for my teenage sons!

  28. Brought my husband his favorite turkey/avocado sandwich to his work today. He was thrilled with a very simple treat.

  29. I sent Valentine’s Day goodies to my nephew (who also turned six today!) and niece. They are definitely my valentines. 🙂

  30. I’ve “liked” Owlhaven on Facebook.

  31. Yesterday, the four year old “helped” me finished making the chocolate chip/ peppermint bits cookie dough. The nearly 10 & 7 year old made valentines. Last night, the 7 and nearly 10 yr. old helped me package them. In a little while, the six kiddos and I and maybe hubby will go and deliver them to some of our neighbors! Hope this shares His love.

  32. I liked you on face book 🙂

  33. and I liked nuffins on facebook

  34. what am I doing to make this day special? Watching my grandbaby so our daughter can slip off to a Karate class. We both win!

  35. I took my kids to our annual homeschool Valentine’s party at the bowling alley, even though bowling isn’t my favorite sport. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I bought my hubby a couple of fun foods and a new pair of shorts (his other ones were getting ragged). Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I went to my son’s valentines day party;) And we take the leftover valentines to a nursing home to take to residents rooms

  38. liked owlhaven

  39. I sent a friend a surprise e-mail.

  40. Made GF chocolate coconut clusters ( recipe) for dessert, to follow a grilled Korean style tri-tip, roasted potatoes and asparagus meal. Several of us eat mostly GF, so the mixes would sure be enjoyed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. I had a little bag of Valentine’s gifties for each of our 8 children today, at their spot at the table. I also made a valentine for each of them out of construction paper and told them the things their dad and I love about them, and how they make us proud. It was fun to do and blessed ME to think about their last year and seeing how different it is writing to your 21 year old daughter and your 5 year old son! haha!

  42. I made peanut butter fudge for my two best friends.

  43. My oldest daughter and I spent time playing outside together>

  44. My daugher loves to bake and she’s also GF. As for Valentine’s Day, we always “surprise” the kids with their own little Valentines. When I was younger my Dad would alwasy put together a little something for all of us, too. Usually a chapstick in our favorite flavor and a sweet “from-daddy-to-his-daughters” card. It’s nice to be able to pass that on to my babies as well even though I don’t have all girls. 🙂 My daughers’ favorite Valentines tradition is sitting down and making cards for everyone. As for me, I enjoy acting as if I didn’t already know who they were making a certain card for when I receive it. I love watching their little eyes light up when I open the cards they made for me.

  45. My 14 year old daughter and I had tomato basil soup in a bread bowl. It was great fun to make together and enjoy for Valentine’s night.

  46. made cookies for someone

  47. We watched someone’s toddler so they could go on a date.

  48. Liked Owlhaven and nuffin 😉

  49. One of may favorite things to make is strawberry cake with strawberry icing. Yummy!

  50. I made my husband a special gluten free dessert pie. He was quite pleased.