New chicken run

In the summertime our chickens live in a moveable run, which the boys move to a new spot every day or two. But during cold months they live in the chicken house, which had a VERY tiny outdoor area. It was adequate for half a dozen chickens. But last fall I bought a bunch of new baby chicks, and now that they’re full size, it was way too crowded. With the weather getting a little bit warmer, I decided that our expanded flock of chickens also needed a bigger chicken run.

I went to the farm store and bought a roll of chicken wire and some metal ‘t’ posts.  Then I had my boys pound posts for me, and we wired wire to the posts to give the chickens a much bigger outdoor living space.  Here the girls are checking it out.


And here you can see the door that we cut into the original tiny run so that the chickens could get out to the larger space.  We shut the little door at night so that predators can’t get into the chicken house.


We stapled the bottom edge of the run to railroad ties to discourage dogs (including ours!) from digging underneath it, and the edges of wire not stapled to RR ties have rocks weighting the wire down.

We don’t have too many dogs roaming around here these days, but occasionally our dog gets out and it’s best not to make it too easy for her to get to them.  As you can see, she’s very interested.

After the run was all put together, the girls decided some chicken-petting was in order. Here’s Emily with my favorite, an Araucana.

And here Julianna has our one little Silky. They’re both pretty tame, and the girls had fun holding them.


  1. Can’t wait to have chickens again! Do your silkies get broody much? That’s the problem I had over here.. they didn’t lay eggs at all, just brooded (bred?) on the eggs of their sistahs.
    And is it really short-sleeve weather over there already? I thought it was supposed to be snowy and cold!

  2. We are looking foward to having chickens for the first time this spring. All of your details and pictures are helpful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Will they not fly over that fence? I have some serious flyers and even after clipping some wings we still struggle to keep them in. And just for your reference, when you’re looking up breeds and it says they are “flighty”, it means that they fly, not that they’re nervous :). Not that I would have thought that or anything 🙂

  4. So far only the rooster has flown over. We will clip wings if needed, but they tend to want to stick together, and once the grass gets green, we’ll be putting them into our moveable run, which has a top.