My new kitchen floor!

Two weeks of driver’s ed left and I’m barely surviving the early-morning waking.   I washed my hair FOUR times with shampoo and ‘conditioner’ before realizing that what I’d actually bought was two bottles of shampoo and zero conditioner.  No wonder my hair has been fly-away lately.

I also realized I haven’t shared final pictures of the wood floor that John laid for me in my kitchen. Here’s a picture he took before we began. The floor was original to the house, which we built in 1993.  I’m still not sure why I chose white way back then– it was so impractical and showed every bit of dirt, and didn’t even hold up very well.

The edges were curling up and chipping away (see the edge of the vinyl closest to the hammer?) and there were knife marks all over.  You should be able to drop a knife on the floor a few hundred times without marks, right?  😉  You may also see the line marking the edge where we planned to cut back the carpet and replace it with wood.

We’ve been talking for years about what to put on the floor.  For awhile we’d just about talked ourselves into wood-imitation tile like this, but I realized I really did want wood.  So that’s what we ended up doing.  We used elm that John milled and planed himself, which made it not only much more affordable, but also one of a kind.  Here the kitchen is after John installed the floor.

And here’s another photo taken in the evening. We’ve got other projects planned for the kitchen– John is going to build me a custom island. I’m going to stain the back bank of cabinets and add drawer pulls like I did in the bathroom. And we eventually hope to get new countertops.  But the floor alone is an amazing improvement.  I just love it!

And for now we’re leaving the pantry doors off– I’m enjoying the way it makes the kitchen feel more spacious, and also the way it encourages me to keep the pantry neater! If you’d like to see more details and pictures of the project, go check out John’s blog.


  1. LOVE THE NEW FLOOR, LOOKS GREAT. I also think the pantry doors off make the whole room look larger.
    If you want a fantastic and easy way to ‘redo’ a kitchen; take off the upper cupboards and put open shelving all around. I did this a year ago to my kitchen and the result is absolutely amazing. It has made the room look so much bigger and then we went ahead and painted the whole room which also helped a whole heap. So now I have chocolate truffle walls with lavender shelving. Everyone who sees it, thinks it is the best ‘redo’ they have ever seen.

  2. Beautiful!!! I just live how this turned out. 🙂

  3. Beth in the City says:

    I love it!

  4. Mary! I love your floors! I love leaving the doors off the pantry! Your jarred goods make me envy…in a good way.

  5. Angela Mayer says:

    How exciting! It looks beautiful. What a work of love.

  6. Love it!! What a difference. Your man did a great job!

  7. nice work

  8. I love it!

  9. Gorgeous!!

  10. How absolutely beautiful! But the most special part is that John made it himself from start to finish. That makes it so cool!

  11. Your family is amazing! John planed those on his own? They’re beautiful!

  12. I love it, John did a great job. Enjoy!

  13. Love the new floor! But with two little ones, all I can think about the door less pantry is what your little grandkids might decide to do if they see the glass jars!

  14. Catching up on my reading again! The floor looks awesome!!! and we never knew that John had a blog…now my John will be reading it! :o)


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