My messy closet (& book winners)

I’m not sure what exactly inspired me, today, to clean out my entire walk-in closet. I threw a bunch of my old junk away, put a bunch of old albums in storage bins in the garage, vacuumed, and then cleared one whole side of the closet so I could shove one of our dressers into it. I think the plan began with the wish to have our bedroom look more spacious.  But it was one of those projects that I began with gusto and ended with a whimper. It took SO LONG to sort all the randomness that had lived in our closet for years.  Question:  is it really essential to save pre-2008 tax returns?   I did, but I was so tempted to toss them!  And what about my high school diploma?  I’m pretty sure I’ll never need it.  See, it’s these kinds of decisions that make decluttering take forever.

Here’s a look into the closet– the dresser actually fits there pretty decently, and will fit even better once I switch out a shelf bracket above it that’s keeping it about 3 inches out from the wall. 

And here’s a look at the wall that used to house the dresser.  Now there’s only ONE dresser on that wall instead of two.   It was just too much altogether, and that side of the room now looks much less cluttered. 

I love it– here’s hoping my hubby does.  My furniture-moving proclivity makes him sigh some days.  I’m always mixing things up, trying to find ways to make things work better. I figure a hobby that only requires elbow grease and a vacuum cleaner can’t be all that bad, whereas he kinda just wants to know where his socks are. (Same place as always, hon!)  And his seed catalogs.  (In the magazine rack by the door.)  And his shoes.  (In the closet.)  Bless the man for putting up with my ‘improvement’ gene.  I am a trial some days.

What about you?  Are you a furniture-shuffler?  Or do you just pick the perfect spot and leave it be?

I also wanted to tell you who won the two books I’ve given away in the last week. Puria goes to commenter #14-ginny jolin, and Sparkly Green Earrings (releasing TODAY!) goes to commenter #20-Kaeteh. Email me with your snail mail addresses, folks, and I’ll get those books headed your way.


  1. It looks great!!!

    I love shuffling furniture and it too makes Jim sigh. :o) I tell him at least I am not as bad as my Grandma who changed her furniture around every Friday.

    • My mom worked out of the home, so every Saturday morning found us doing a deep clean of the house. We would rearrange the furniture in the living room and seemingly, just put it back in the same place the next week. It was a small house, and at any given time there were at least 4 kids at home, so she had to keep us busy! My husband is not appreciative if my rearranging gene, and he just likes things to be ‘logical.’ To which I say, “yes, dear.” And then I rearrange. Cheap entertainment, I say!

  2. This made me laugh! I am the one who hates to change things (as I get older, I get lazier!!) and my husband is always changing things around. He just never runs out of ideas and they almost always improve things quite a bit. When our kids hear the “I need some help to move something”, they say, “Not again!!” 🙂

  3. I am a mover BUT in the last few houses we have lived I haven’t been able to move the furniture. I miss the old homestead ,sigh. So instead here I change the curtains with the season. Between yard sales, thrift shops and the kids I have a pretty decent selection for the main living floor. I found some material the other day that was green satin so I am thinking to make curtains for the dining room for next Christmas.

  4. ginny jolin says:

    I’m so pleased to have won the book Puria. But how do I e-mail you?

  5. I’m a rearranger too. I agree – it’s a cheap hobby – and might even count as exercise! My husband rolls his eyes, but really doesn’t mind much.

    I do think you need to keep your tax returns. Can you fit them in a big envelope and write the year with a sharpie, then put them in the back of a file drawer somewhere?
    My husband and I each have a smallish box of “stuff” such as high school diplomas and funny papers or note from when we were young. It’s fun to look through every once in a while. But they’re put away in the very back of our storage under our stairs.

    I like your paint color in there. 🙂

  6. I LOVE to rearrange. I am always trying to make rooms work a little better, feel a little better. Just got a desk, so now I get to rework my office area. Yay!

  7. I’m always *thinking* about rearranging furniture. My husband dislikes moving furniture, maybe because he got roped into doing it a lot growing up. But its just as well, since usually I don’t like things once they’re moved and end up putting them back after an hour of heaving and hefting.

  8. Janey Backer says:

    I use to love to rearrange, now it seems that controlling clutter just overwhelms me. I am sure that relocating the dresser will make your room feel more spacious.

  9. I love reshuffling things too but usually my plans involve other people (read: my hubby) to help execute the vision, which does help curb the tendencies somewhat…

    I’d keep your high school diploma. I recently needed my elementary report cards (!) I would never have guessed these would have been useful. And my mom’s diploma was almost necessary too, but in the end I was able to prove the necessary link without it. Suggest you at least keep a digital copy, because you never know when a document like that will come in handy and replacements can be surprisingly annoying to obtain

  10. There’s not many ways it is possible to rearrange furniture in my home. The layout of this house is poor, to put it nicely. That’s fine with me, as I’m a put it and leave it kind of person. I’ve moved things a few times for efficiency, but don’t shift them just to change a look. I definitely do need to clean out the closet, though.

    My diplomas are in the exalted placement of a filing cabinet, but I’ll still never get rid of them. Aren’t you supposed to keep tax records for 7 years in case of an audit?

  11. I enjoyed your book “A Sane Womans Guide To Raising A Large Family”. Also, enjoying your website. Keep the tax returns. My husband is a CPA. I asked how long I had to keep ours and he said forever. I’m the opposite of a pack rat. Whatever you’d call that I don’t know but, I love getting rid of stuff and cleaning things out. My husband used to get worried whenever I’d say I was going to clean something out. Now he just keeps all his “precious” things in his shop. I only go out there to put things in storage.


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