Book Review: Puria (and my Mary Kay winner!)

The winner of my Mary Kay giveaway is Rena at The Girl with the Smile.

Today I wanted to tell you about a book I read recently.  I read almost no fiction these days, and so when my friend Rachael Wheeler asked if I’d be willing to read her book, Puria, I had a pang or two of concern.   Could I find time to read it?  But the idea of making time for a purely entertaining book was greatly appealing– why don’t I do that more often??– and it turned out to be a really enjoyable read. The writing is excellent and the story was engrossing.  Twenty pages in, I set the book down to go cook dinner, and found myself thinking about the characters as I cooked, and wondering what would happen next, which for me is always a sign that the story has caught my imagination.

The story is about a girl whose fiance’ is kidnapped into slavery.  She leaves her safe home and sets out into a dangerous world to rescue him.  Sacrifice is what is required in the end, and the book kept me guessing right up til the conclusion.  I had the whole book read in three days, and very much enjoyed the story.  (Parents, give this book a read before you hand it off to kids.  There is some violence, but right and wrong is clearly defined in this book, and good wins out in the end.  I’d consider it appropriate for older teens, but every family is different.)  This book is available in paperback, or you can get it on Kindle for only $3.99.

The author has given me a copy of the book to give away to one of you!   If you’d like to enter the drawing to win the book, comment below, and tell me the best fiction book you’ve read recently.  I’ve decided I really ought to find time to read more fiction, and would love some more good recommendations.


  1. I won! How exciting! How do I get in touch with you? Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait!

  2. I haven’t read much fiction lately either, but wanted to mention two excellent non-fiction reads: In the Land of Blue Burqas (Kate McCord) and These are the Generations (Eric Foley).

  3. The Abrahm’s Daughters series by Beverly Lewis. Fantastic Amish read!! I couldn’t put the books down, which lead to many late nights spent reading.

  4. Rachel R. says:

    I’ve been enjoying P. G. Wodehouse lately. It’s light, funny, short stories, which is what I need these days.

  5. Sounds like an excellent read!!!

  6. I don’t remember the last fiction book I read! Like you, I just don’t read fiction but have been wanting to find a good one to try! This sounds perfect.

  7. Beverly Lewis’s Heritage of Lancaster County series. Soooo good! BUT both of her series of books I’ve read leave you hanging at the end until the final book. I’m very impatient w/such things. So, if you’re like me, make sure you have access to all books before beginning to read.

  8. I would live to win a copy, my last book was An Echo in the Darkness

  9. Death comes to pemberly by pd james.

  10. I started a fiction book recently called -Inside.

  11. I read constantly, so the best book isn’t the most recent. Best would be Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes which was a collection of short stories. Most recent was Takes from the Crib.

  12. If you start to read Lauraine Snelling’s RED RIVER series and her BLESSING series, you will NOT BE ABLE TO STOP! You’ll want to move to the town of Blessing, you’ll feel you know the characters. It all becomes very real. FABULOUS author. Also lots of very interesting Norwegian-American history! Just make sure you read them in order…..
    My teen daughters love these as well!

  13. I love Karen Kingsbury’s books!

  14. ginny jolin says:

    In the Name of God by Paula Jolin. Excellent story of a teenage girl living in Syria who struggles with the idea of becoming involved with Muslim terrorists.

  15. Wow, I don’t remember what the last fiction book is that I’ve read. Funny because I had just decided 2 days ago I needed to lighten up my reading material!

  16. My favorite is “The Children Who Stayed Alone” original title” Sod House Adventure by Bonnie Bess Worline. I bought this book when I was in 2nd grade. I have read it every winter since then usually more than once (okay I admit about once a week when it’s snowing). I am now in my 50’s.


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