Grandbaby fun

The other day our little grandson Ranger and I were being silly and John caught it on video. We have such fun together!


  1. Cutie pies (both of you!)


  3. I’m great at stating the obvious – what a miracle – recalling the planning for your children, their wedding – and now – look a whole new person who knows his family’s love. Thanks for sharing – gave me a big morning smile.’tis the little moments make memories

  4. So sweet! I love baby laughs! 😀

    IS he wearing an amber teething necklace? Do they work?

  5. Grandbabies are such fun!

    Computer on couch, NO NO NO- in light of recent fire in Minnesota where the fire officials determined the charging up computer started the fire (huge fire too) …. they went on to say do not leave any electronics on cushions, beds, etc. when charging.

  6. Beautiful! 🙂 Watching this makes me want to go get my little guy up from nap time early. lol.

  7. Isn’t being a grandparent so fun?

  8. Kaycee Fisher says:

    It sounds like Ranger has a lot of things to say. 🙂

  9. The only thing that keeps me from adopting a baby again is knowing that in approximately 5 years I could have a grandbaby too! What a joyful look on your face, Mary.

  10. Smiling, laughing babies just make one smile regardless of what else might be going on, don’t they? God knew those moments would help erase the memories of the long crying spells. 🙂