The Christmas gift I gave myself


I’ve been wishing for this sweet little nativity scene for years for my own kiddos. But now that I am the Nana to two sweet little guys, with another precious grandbaby expected this summer via Eldest and her hubby —  🙂 we’re so excited! 🙂 — this year felt like time to splurge. And as you can see, my own ‘baby’ is still plenty young enough to enjoy momma’s splurge.


  1. I have wanted one of these ever since my granddaughter arrived! They are so beautiful, but here they are wildly expensive, so will have to wait until I visit the States one day. At this rate I will need to come home by sea.

  2. ginny jolin says:

    I too finally splurged for my grandson’s first xmas present. Wanted it for my own children but never bought it because it was too expensive. Wish I had.

  3. Love this! We got one a few years ago. Usually even my older kids will play around with it a bit when we first get it out.

  4. 1. What an adorable little nativity set. It does seem a bit pricey, but it is super cute and perfect for little people. No pun intended.
    2. My goodness, how curly your baby’s hair is. I think it is usually in braids for the photos you post. That was a serious double-take.
    3. Congrats to the family on the new baby coming! How exciting.

  5. Have never seen before. They are very cute though cannot see myself ever paying this much for a manger scene. There are thousands in thrift stores for under a $1 and at that price I let the kids play with even the glass one we have.

  6. That’s adorable! We have a really old set that doesn’t have much value (monetary or otherwise), but my kids loved playing with it this year. May need to upgrade next year.

  7. Jennie C. says:

    Woohoo on the expected arrival of another grand baby!!! Congratulations!!!! : )

  8. We purchaesd that set a few years ago and my girls love when we pull it out each year… one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I now have my eye on the Willow Tree Natvity set. But that is one that will take quite a while to save up for.

  9. I’ve been dreaming of that set for several years now, and happened to stumble across a one day sale Toys R Us had online for it for $16.99. I bought two – one for my own kids and one for my nephew. They had SO much fun playing with it this year and it is seriously adorable in person!

  10. Aunt LoLo says:

    OH, YES. Santa brought me that set last year. Rumor has it, it goes on sale once a year at (in December). That makes it about $16, instead of $35. (At least, it was on sale in 2011 and 2012.) SO worth it!!!

  11. I bought this also for my kiddos this year. Although I ended up taking it back and calling fisher price to complain. I was disappointed the it did not have a Shepard. We paid $25 dollars for it and it would have been nice of they had included all the characters. Fisher price said thank you for the call they appreciated the feed back, and sent me a coupon to spend on something different. My search continues, I would like to find a nativity scene that the kids can play with as we read the Christmas story.

  12. Emily Wicks says:

    I got this set for my older daughter when she was about 1 1/2. Just bought the Nativity first. The next year I got one daughter the shepards and one daughter the wise men. The only thing I regret is not getting the Inn at Bethlehem the year that I saw it as they no longer seem to be making it. But our other Little People toys round out “Bethlehem”. From the house, to the zoo, to the barn, to the bus, to Noah’s Ark. Everyone *loves* to visit Baby Jesus. And even though it’s a “little kid” toy I think that it will be popular for quite some time. Especially since it’s only out to play with from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

  13. We love our Little People Manger scene. If I could only put out one decoration for Christmas, it is what I would pick. All kids (mine and guests alike) enjoy this toy every year. Worth the $ to me.

  14. My oldest got this as a baptism gift. The figures have all ridden in the school bus a time or two- I figure that may have been how Mary would have gotten to Bethlem in a more modern day era.

  15. Tiffany R says:

    I got this years ago and I still put it out every year. My kids are too old to play with Little People anymore but they still rearrange the nativity at Christmas. It is a classic! Enjoy!

  16. We have had this set for a few years now. My kids are nine and seven. We set it up on the fireplace hearth, and the kids still play with it. We’ll keep setting it up as long as the kids will play with it. 🙂

  17. Years ago when I was the Pre-K Sunday School teacher, I liked to put out a Nativity scene in the room for the children to play with. Quite a set-up, mostly with little figures purchased at garage sales, so that I didn’t care so much about “hard play”. It was a fun way to connect the story.
    One year, I took a picture of the scene and sent it to Fisher Price, noting how we had made use of so many toys.
    I got back a nice letter of appreciation, and thought nothing more of it.
    The next year, the official Little People Nativity came out in the catalog only. I bought 3 sets, and then 3 sets each of the new additions, such as Shepherds with dog and angels, Wise Men with camels, Innkeeper, Little Drummer Boy.
    First Set, I will keep for whenever I get grandchildren. Second Set given to Pre-school Sunday School Classroom. Third set given to a sweet family with 4 little kids. and I kept up the practice of giving a Nativity Scene to a family with a new baby for several years.
    This year, the catalog shows fewer toy figures and a much higher price. We had to put an expensive new furnace and air/conditioner in our house, so with much regret, I did not place an order for toys.
    I am still glad have my own, safely wrapped and on a shelf awhile yet.

  18. What a fun treat! We love that set, even though my kids are getting too old for it now. Definitely one that we will be keeping at our home for years to come.

  19. This is such a great set! My kids’ Nana gifted it to them several years ago, too! One of our annual Christmas traditions is to read the Christmas story and have the kids use their nativity to act it out as we read it. I think it’s such a great learning tool to help the story REALLY soak in to their little hearts!