Giveaway: ‘Seeing the Everyday’ & ‘When Motherhood Feels Too Hard’

John has been hard at work installing a new floor in my kitchen, and it’s such a huge improvement over my ancient vinyl that I can barely tear my eyes off it.  Here you can see just the first few boards laid out. I’m so excited.  Silly as it sounds, I literally dreamed about it last night.   I’ll tell and show you more when we get closer to done.

For now, though, I have a double giveaway for you. The first is a copy of a neat new magazine called Seeing the Everyday. Each issue contains photos and essays encouraging folks to see the beauty in ordinary life. Just lovely stuff.

The second giveaway is a book written by Kelly Crawford of Generation Cedar, a blog that I always find encouraging. Her book is equally encouraging and offers devotions, advice and renewal For When Motherhood Feels Too Hard.  Kelly is an experienced Christian momma with lots of good stuff to say, and I found this book to be very worth the read.

I’ll be giving away these two items to one lucky reader on Friday.  To enter the drawing to win both the magazine and the book, just comment below and tell me either how you’ve been encouraged or how you like to encourage other moms when they get bogged down in the hard parts of mothering.  I look forward to hearing your wisdom!


  1. I have always loved talking to mothers who are in the next stage of parenting, hearing their advice and what worked and didn’t work for them, and mostly, always hearing “this is a stage.” Helps me remember to take the long view. Now, of course, with 3 teens, my mentors all have college age kids. THAT’s going to be a rough adjustment! 😉

  2. Much of my encouragement right now comes from a group I started on Facebook for all of the nursing moms I know (a LOT). It is such a wonderful place to get advice, to vent, just to feel understood.

  3. I am very encouraged right now by a group of moms parenting adopted children through the trenches. They are holding me up and I appreciate them.

  4. Heather Ratliff says:

    I am in MOPS and find some encouragement there.

  5. As a much older mom with grown kids, what I remember as being most helpful was a couple close friends to share with about all of the craziness that comes along with raising children.
    As I anticipate the arrival of our 3 year old adopted son from Haiti I have found your blog and so many others as my daily encouragement for getting through the adoption process.

  6. It is so funny to me that I’m the mom others come to now with kid questions! I’m 31 and don’t feel like the “older wiser mom” but that is the role I’ve moved into. I have seven children with number eight due this summer (oldest is 11, youngest is 11 months with many medical needs). Just yesterday a mom at church with two little ones was overwhelmed and asked if it really does get easier with more children. It was so nice to be able to reassure her that babies don’t stay little and every day they become more helpful and are better playmates for each other as well.

    I’m searching for my own mothering mentors as we prepare to wade into the teen waters. Gulp!

  7. I keep a book of quotes I find encouraging. I like to look at them and sometimes, I will write my favorite ones in a new book and give it to someone.

  8. I am encouraged by the older women in my church who have given me gentle wisdom. They remind me that you’re never done mothering, even when your children are adults. And they said that it even gets harder sometimes – you can’t give adult children the spouse, the job, or the baby they so desperately desire. It reminds me that every stage of mothering has its own difficulties – and blessings! For example, the baby/toddler years are exhausting in their own way – but in no way near as terrifying as waiting up to make sure a new teenage driver makes it home safely!

  9. My favorite mentor mom is my own mom! She has always been there for all 5 of us, loving and serving her family. She prays with me, encourages me and has helped me out in so many practical ways.

    I think one of the ways I have been able to encourage other moms is in the areas of homeschooling and adoption. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be “a veteran” but having homeschooled for 16 years, I guess I am… I try to encourage my younger brothers and sisters as they have become parents and look forward to the time when my kids start having kids!

  10. I work hard at meeting up with others regularly for coffee (my husband works an irregular schedule which actually facilities this…) both to encourage others by reminding them that “this too shall pass” and to help me get outside of myself and remember that I’m not the only one living in the trenches. 🙂

  11. Some time ago, a friend of mine suggested that we, along with three other friends (each of us mothers, but in different seasons), should create an e-mail group. The result has been a wonderful source of encouragement and wisdom! We are each assigned one weekday to write. We take turns asking and answering a “group question” each week and we share praises and prayer requests, as well as something “wise” ;), such as homekeeping tips, thoughts on marriage and parenting, recipes, etc.

    Through this “experiment” we have formed deep friendships, in spite of our miles apart from each other. I am so thankful for these women. I suspect (and hope!) we’ll still be writing and meeting together for years to come.

  12. A bit of advice I’ve found encouraging is….the days are long but the years are short…I try and remind my self of that every time I’m stressed out. They grow to fast!

  13. I have a friend who is in her 60’s. She has 5 wonderful grown children. She has helped me learn the perspective of not making motherhood too hard. I think our generation of moms (I’m in my 30’s with four kids under 8) has tried to worry so much about the right way to mother our children. Ezzo or Sears? Bottle or breast? Homeschool or public school? Work or stay home? Natural or epidural? How much tv should they watch? And on and on. She often reminds me that previous generations didn’t worry about these things. They did their best and trusted God.

  14. I am always encouraged when another mother will share their complete honest experiences so that I know that I am not alone. Ruthless honesty helps me so much!

  15. I’ve felt encouraged when a friend will listen to my fears and worries..and then bring them in prayer for me before the only One who can give me peace and clean up the messes. So encouraging to me to have someone pray for me.

  16. When times got crazy especially when kids were ‘stairstep size’ I would ask a couple of moms in church fellowship how they handled their days and will always remember my friend Nancy’s advice who at the time was parenting several children from toddler to late teens.
    She would always say, “My kids are healthy, not sleeping around, not doing drugs, not violent, and those that can are contributing members of society—I am truly blessed.” Her remark though very simplistic always cheered me up and helped me see the big picture.
    Now I recite the same thing when asked how in the world I raised so many children as a single mother. “My children are healthy, not sleeping around, not doing drugs, not violent, contributing members of society, I prayed daily for them, and I taught each child to think on their own-never follow the sheep, be your own person.”

  17. One recent encouragement was this: My cousin and I coincidentally and simultaneously quit our jobs to stay home more with our small children. It was (strangely) encouraging to hear her say “I’m glad to hear that” when I said I was still adjusting, four months later. I’m just so glad I’m not the only one!

  18. I usually try to remember that things will look different the next day. If not I will talk to a friend or discuss any issues with my husband.

  19. I encouraged my sister in law when mothering got hard for her 2 weeks ago. She was feeling overwhelmed by Christmas, marriage and having 2 small kids in the house. I told her that one day her child would rise up and called her blessed. I tried to remind her that all this would pass. I hope it helped her, I know we have all been there.

  20. There are some older women in my church who seem to always say the exact words of encouragement I need to hear. Coincidence? I think not!

  21. I love to mentor mothers of young children, give them encouragement and ideas on how to keep their little ones busy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I am a Nana who encourages by being the backup for babysitting, special events, extra helper, etc for my daughterand her husband and her five children. I kept four children while she and her husband made two week long trips to Ethiopia to get our newest grandchild. I will also be there for their next trips get a new grandson from the same area.

  23. Amy @ Hope Is the Word says:

    I Oke to blogs like yours for encouragement! 🙂

  24. I really have learned so much from listening to the radio program, ‘Focus on the Family.’ Reading Dr. James Dobson’s books has helped me, too, along with advice from my own mom and friends. I try to encourage younger moms that it really doesn’t last long and things are always changing, so just lighten up and enjoy the journey! :o) Also, PRAY! A lot! Ask your Heavenly Father to help you with ‘whatever.’ He is always there, ready to listen and assist you.

  25. Amy @ Hope Is the Word says:

    I come to blogs like yours for encouragement! 🙂

  26. This has been a rough year with some of our older adopted children and I do find a lot of support with other adoptive blog families.

  27. I get encouraged just by knowing other moms go through the same kinds of things as me!

  28. I’ve been encouraged lately by Rachel Jankovic’s “Loving the Little Years.”

  29. I am part of a group on facebook where we post prayer requests and offer encouragement to each other. We get together several times a year as well. It’s been a huge blessing to me!

  30. I love helping or encouraging new moms by listening and affirming them! I know when I have vented to others about my discouraging moments as a mother to a 15 month old, I really am not looking for advice, but affirmation that it is going to be ok or that I’m doing the right thing. Many well intentioned friends and family members have given me their take on a situation or how they used to do it. And while I am assured of their love, I have left the conversation feeling empty. I have tried to remember this with my friends who call me and I listen and assure them they are a wonderful mother and that their efforts centered around the well being of their child bear witness to this! Being a mom is the ultimate sacrifice at times {for so many reasons other than lack of sleep} that no book, website or class can adequately prepare you for! It is also the greatest gift, and making that child feel loved and special is more important than anything…that is a good measure of success for motherhood!

  31. I think taking the time to listen can be very encouraging to another mother. Also leaving them a little gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. Doesn’t have to be big. A mug, card or a few cookies.

  32. I’m a mentor mom to our church’s MOPS group. I had been a speaker 2 different years to our group and then was asked to be a mentor mom. I was asked to give one of my talks to another MOPS group. I have made some real friends with these younger women.

  33. Sunday in church, a woman I have never met before touched my shoulder and said, “You are doing a great job, Mom.” I almost cried. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it all, and what I am able to do just isn’t enough. This was a nice reminder, in the perfect setting, that I am a great mom and I am perfect in God’s eyes.

  34. there are days I couldn’t make it without the support of the other moms & older ladies at church….also my mom & Grandma!

  35. I’m encouraged by hearing them repeat things I’ve said to them to each other!

  36. Jessica Y says:

    Would love the magazine. I get encouraged by my husband. I’m a bit of a pessimist and he helps me see things a little more realistically/optimistically.

  37. I find that I am encouraged when I go to church. I have such a strong support unit there. It’s so good for me to be in a church that supports mothers and family life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I find a lot of encouragement in our homeschool group. I so appreciate everyones time and efforts on behalf of our kids.

  39. I’m encouraged speaking with my mother about my problems with my kids

  40. I am encouraged when people I care about tell me, specifically, how I am being a good mother.

  41. I found encouragement and help from your book, “A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family.” Thank you! I’ve twice now had three children 3 and under. Almost four years ago, it was a soon to be two year old and newborn twins. This year it was two year old twins and a newborn. (The toddler twins and baby is MUCH eaesier than TWO babies, by the way! :)) My husband is always so supportive and encouraging just by listening and by very actively being involved. I woke-up from a nap on New Year’s Day to find him preparing to mop our tile! What a wonderful man! I have a dear friend who is a major encouragement in my life and another mom of nine who has been a priceless mentor to me. Also, a once a month Mommy Time group is a great get-away. Thank you!

  42. I call my Mom and she mentors & helps me. I would be crazy without her parenting help. I love the been there done that experience.


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