Giveaway: The Sparkle Box

Sad happenings like the school shooting on Friday can often leave you feeling like there just isn’t enough good in this hard old world.  The book I got in the mail today encouraged me by offering a way to inspire ourselves and our children to spread some light in this world.  The Sparkle Box shows how giving to others is a way we can give Jesus a gift this Christmas.  At a time when many children’s minds are buzzing over gifts that they hope to receive, this book truly has heart-changing potential.

Our little girls enjoyed hearing this story, and especially loved that the storybook comes with a sparkle box of its own.  Once you read the story to your child, you can set the sparkle box under the Christmas tree and work with your kids on spreading light in the world!

To enter to win a copy, comment below and share an idea or two that would bless someone else this Christmas.  For an additional entry,  ‘like’ The Sparkle Box  and/or Owlhaven on facebook.  I’ll be closing this giveaway on Wednesday, so comment away!  Let’s talk about ways we can be lights in a dark world.


  1. Instead of a Christmas party I had a shoe cutting party with my granddaughter where we invited her friends and we cut out shoes for children in Uganda
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  2. I love the idea of saving up and letting the kids pick something out of the Compassion or Samaritan’s Purse catalog to bless someone.

  3. I sent a Christmas card to an older lady I barely know. She is over 90, has no family and lives by herself, 4000 kms from where I live. I could have decided not to send anything thinking “I don’t know her, what’s the point?” but I know she will be delighted.

  4. My husband and I filled a backpack, with school supplies, for orphans in Thailand. It was so much fun picking out supplies we knew they would need. I thank my church for allowing us to help in this way.

  5. My kids are just 6, 3, and 2 but I’m really trying to instill in them at this young age that Christmas is not just about what’s under the tree but how we’re giving back to others to celebrate Christ’ birth!

  6. For Thanksgiving I made little treats for my boys’ teachers & bus drivers. But they decided that more people at school needed treats too. So they rattled off the names of all the specials teachers, the principal, the school counselor,etc. I made up all that they asked for & they came home saying they still didn’t have enough (since they’re only in Kindergarten, they couldn’t read the list, so they just handed them out to anybody and everybody.:) We’ll be making a whole slew of treats for them to hand out this week for Christmas. I love how thoughtful they are!

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  8. We will be making cookies for our neighbors this year.

  9. With finances being *extra* strained this year, instead of my kids giving out presents, per se, they decided to do a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange with their friends. It removes stress from them as well as us, and the kids will still have the joy of giving and all that goes with it. Win-win!

  10. We are hosting my husband’s family Christmas this year, even though it will potentially be awkward and a little difficult. My son also made homemade gifts for the women of the family.

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  12. Diana Campbell says:

    I would like my kids to focus on service for one another and for our neighbors. Wrapping up cards for each neighbor with a particular service in mind would be the goal. We will see if it works out.

  13. We make cookies for our neighbors and my daughter writes thank you cards for teachers who are often overlooked at Christmas (art teacher, aides, etc).

  14. I think a small thing that we can do that is a little bit difficult sometimes is to slow down and be patient with others when we are out at the store or driving and are in a hurry during the holiday rush. Help someone with a bag or hold a door. Those small things can go a long way.

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  16. Sounds like a book I would love to have in our home library! Our family is making gifts for each other this year and using money that we save to purchase something from the Compassion catalog.

  17. Working at a soup kitchen or giving toys and jackets to the homeless.

  18. I would share this with our foster children that we are struggling with having an ingratitude attitude.

  19. Be extra kind to those working in stores – they are dealing with harried and often rude patrons do they seem to really appreciate a smile or kind word and greeting.

  20. We’re in the process of making treats for the neighbors and I’m planning on sharing with one particular set of neighbors about how God has given me hope and peace in the midst of these difficult times, and telling them about how they, too can experience that peace by inviting God/Jesus into their lives.

  21. I try to be extra friendly to all the people who work during the holidays and remember those who need extra love especially during the holidays.

  22. Sounds like a wonderful book!
    Our homeschool group did some caroling at a nursing home.

  23. Mindy Kroesche says:

    We are doing an Advent Calendar with daily activities this year, some of which I’m trying to focus on serving others. I really want my children (ages 5 and 2) to start to understand that Christmas (and life in general) is not all about them and to instill in them a love of serving others. So far we’ve sorted through toys and donated some to our local homeless shelter, and we’ve made Christmas treats and delivered some to our local fire station and thanked them for their service to our community. We also plan to give homemade bread and apple butter to our neighbors with a note about Christ’s love for them, as well as leave a surprise stocking on someone’s doorstep.

  24. We let the kids pick out presents for the toys for tots drive.

  25. Giving of our time to help neighbors and also making up gifts of soup mix to share and have on hand for when a friend needs a meal made for them.

  26. The kids pack up a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. They also send a Christmas gift (money) to our kids through Compassion International. Also, being sensitive and patient with those working during the rush of the holiday season goes a long way too.

  27. My oldest loves to go carrolling to seniors. I love to have lone people over for a meal.

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  29. Every year my family and I go to our local foster care center to help organize the toy donations they receive. We then help each foster child come in and choose presents for each of their siblings, foster or biological, and their parents. Then we help wrap each present, and send the children home with gifts for their whole families, and huge smiles.

  30. After a ‘hit’ on the couchsurfing site, we have invited a couple to sleep on our couch Christmas Eve. And no need to worry, they have recommendations that checked out and will not steal from us during their visit! We love to travel and meet new people and this seemed like a unique and fun way to save money in travel but meet people we would not otherwise have met. We are planning a night of board games, discussion, and eating swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and dessert.

    Oh, don’t draw my name for the book. Not allowing any permanent books into the house anymore–just gave away over 3,000 to local school, bookstore, and catholic school. Cleansing the house of all these books has ‘freed’ me immensely from a ton of dusting and boy did the bookshelves take up a lot of room in the house. Ten bookshelves and their books plus tons of books that never got to the shelves gone; such a nice feeling and what a blessing they were to the organizations I donated them to. If can’t find at library—-can’t read.

  31. One of our favorite traditions is that one of our gifts to our kids is allowing them to choose something from the World Vision catalog…we set a budget and then spend time as a family puzzling through what will fit in that budget and what seems like an investment of the heart for all of us. It’s one of the best things we do during the Christmas season.

  32. we love doing the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

  33. Tonight at the grocery checkout, as I walked up, I could hear the elderly man in the next aisle talking about being embarrassed about a lack of 17. Something about it bothering his conscience. Then, I realized the young lady (my age ; ) had paid his remaining grocery bill for him!

    When I went to my car, and needed to load things in the trunk, the man parking behind my car looked and thought he hadn’t left enough room in my cart – so he very kindly and cheerfully moved his car back a foot or two to make more space for my cart.

    These sorts of gestures make the season merry! : )

  34. OCC shoeboxes, having them MAKE things for others, inc. teachers and taking time to find ways to serve others at Christmastime (and carry that throughout the year)

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