Hope in hard times

I’m just so sad for the families grieving children in Connecticut. Just so very sorry. My prayers go out for all the hurting folks.


  1. There really are no words…just prayers for the lost lives, their families, the responders, the survivors, and all those who will be involved with this horrific tragedy over the next days and weeks. May they know we cry with them.

  2. Yesterday was a huge tragedy in our country and my heart and good vibes/intentions go out to all the families in the area. So wrong…so tragic…

  3. Kate in NY says:

    We live about 20 minutes away from Newtown, CT. You really can’t imagine a lovelier, sweeter place – a real New England picture postcard town. One of the adult victims grew up in our town, and much of her large family still resides her. Yesterday, her entire family was at the local Catholic mass in town, and her father was the performing Eucharistic minister. My friends who were there told me there was literally not a dry eye in the place. But at least for the family of Anne Marie Murphy, there will be much strength found in each other and in their very strong faith. Please pray for them.

  4. So very difficult. I will be praying for the family, especially over the holidays, but afterward as well.

  5. As the story unfolded Friday, myself and all my co-workers sat in shock and realization that yet again children have had their innocence taken from them too early.
    We as a nation pray for all involved in this horrible tradegy. I pray for the victims’ families; I pray for the community; I pray for the first responders; I pray for the medical personnel; I pray for the crisis counselors; I pray for ….

  6. It is several days later, and my mind still boggles at what could cause someone to think this was the best choice of action. I cannot imagine the grief of the parents and assorted family members that lost someone. I cannot imagine the horror the first responders saw and the memories that will forever be imprinted in their minds. I definitely pray for them all.