Kitchen tools I adore

Do you have newlyweds or new grads on your Christmas list, or maybe just folks who love kitchen gadgets? Here are some cool tools I absolutely adore and wouldn’t want to be without. The best part? Every single one costs less than $20.

1. Every cook needs a good garlic press.  Here’s one that works beautifully, is easy to clean, and doesn’t take too much arm muscle.  Combine this press with a bunch of garlic in a tiny burlap bag and you’ve got a sweet gift.


2.  Here’s a reusable Solofill Cup, Keurig K-Cupthat lets you brew any type of coffee for much less expense than the prefilled one-use cups.  I use mine every single day and love it because it lets me brew my favorite Ethiopian coffee a cup at a time.  Pair this one with a pound of your favorite coffee and you’ve got a winner of a gift.


3. I have an absolute love affair with cast iron.  I have a 12 inch Lodge skillet exactly like the one shown below and a mammoth 16-inch skillet that I have a hard time lifting when it’s full of food.  In my opinion there’s nothing like cast iron for getting a good sear on meat and for holding heat.   I also love being able to begin cooking on the stovetop and then moving the pan to the oven to finish cooking, like for this chicken pot pie.  I’d load this skillet with some taco seasoning packs and maybe a couple of new hot pads for a really fun gift.

4. I’ve told you before about these delightful Swiss peelers.  I teach my kids to begin peeling veggies as preschoolers, and these great peelers are easy and very safe to use.  Tie a set of these peelers with a ribbon atop a new cookbook –maybe Family Feasts for $75 a Week? 🙂  — for a fun gift.

Do you have a kitchen gadget you love that cost less than $20?  Do you combine it with something else to make it extra fun?  Tell us about it!

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  1. maybe it’s my computer, but I can’t see any links to the gadgets you mention… did I miss something ? Thanks !

  2. Mine is my AeroPress coffee maker. It’s just a smidge over $20 ($25.95) but it has free shipping 🙂 4.5 stars with 1,400+ reviews It really makes wonderful coffee, I wish I could gift one to everyone I know. I had tried a french press before and didn’t like it, this little pot has changed my mornings for the better!

  3. Tea press and coffee press. We use them all the time. The tea press also works wonderful with coffee. The Republic of Tea press is only $15 and the coffee press from Walmart was only $19. We couldn’t hardly get through the day without them. Each of the girls has their own tea press and we share the coffee press.

  4. You recommended the peelers to me last year and I LOVE them. My kids peel everything for me now and they think it is a fun thing to do. And no cuts or problems. Thanks for sharing…totally worth the purchase!

  5. Carter has really been into helping me peel potatoes lately and I need a new peeler for him!! I also love my garlic press, and hand potato masher!