5 Christmas Gifts You Can Make

Wondering if you could make some of the gifts that you’ll be giving this Christmas?  Here are some things that I’ve done over the years, and that folks have seemed to enjoy receiving. You can click on each photo to go to the instructions for that project.

1.  Pot Holders from Old Jeans


2. Candied Almonds


3. Cloth Gift Bags


4. T-Shirt Headbands


5. Peppermint Bark

Have a favorite project or recipe you like to make and give  at Christmas time? Tell me about it in comments, or better yet, share a link to a post describing it.  I’d love to hear your favorite homemade gift ideas.  And if you found this post helpful, please feel free to pin it.

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  1. I’ve been making your sugared almonds for a few years now! Packaged in a prettied-up canning jar, they make great gifts, especially for teachers and school bus drivers!

  2. They’re my favorite teacher gift! So glad you’re enjoying them too!

  3. Love this! I may very well try the jeans potholders. I rarely find repurposed jean crafts that I actually like, but those look great!

  4. My fudge seems to be a hit, particularly the peanut butter. Our blackberry and blueberry jams and syrups also seem to be well received too.

  5. Mary, this post has some great ideas that even a not-so-crafty mom can do. My girls would love to make the headbands – I think we’ll try it over Thanksgiving break.

  6. Kim Stewart says:

    I love these ideas!
    My 3 sisters and I exchange handmade gifts at Christmas each year. Last year I made infinity scarves that were a big hit. Since I also have my mom, MIL and a SIL, that we give gifts to, I also made one for each of them. I try to find something that I can make assembly line to make it easier to purchase the supplies and to get it done. I found the instuctions on “Sew Many Ways” blog. For the kids in the family, I’ve made fun pillowcases in novelty flannel or cotton prints. I make them with 1 1/8yd. of fabric that I buy on Black Friday or on clearance. The fabric store is normally the only place I go on BF! My boys and I make gingersnap pancake mix and put it in gift baskets for important people in their lives- teachers, youth director, etc.

  7. White chocolate bark, sugar and spiced walnuts and homemade bath salts (momadvice has some good ones) top our list. Last year we had fun with hot cocoa mix layered with mini marshmallows and chic chips in a pastry decorated bag – super cute idea from a home ec class. My kids love to make and give the classic pretzels with kisses and m&m on top….