The way to my heart…

… apparently, is via new kitchenware. I have been canning for many years with a canning pot inherited from John’s grandmother. It works very well.  But this week my dear mother in law treated me to a BRAND new and very beautiful canning pot! Isn’t it just lovely? I feel so spoiled.

I am at this very moment making a HUGE batch of bone broth. I’ve been making bone broth off and on for years, but just lately I have been reading more about why it’s so good for you, and am trying to get it into our diet more regularly. Here’s some more info about bone broth if you’re interested.


  1. Very nice indeed! I have actually been reading Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel and he talks quite a bit about the benefits of bone broth. I have been trying to do it much more often now to ward off a trip to the dentist!

  2. Love the copper color vs the ‘normal’ silver color of bigger pots. Never heard of bone broth! Right now we are eating tons of Vitamin C pills to ward off cold, flu, etc. and washing kids hair in mayonaise because lice going around again.

  3. I completely relate, as that is the way to my heart as well. What a beautiful pot!
    I almost always make my own poultry broth from the used bones, but I’ve only used the bones once. Nice to know I can keep it going for a few more batches. The problem is that poultry bones are pretty soft, and the kid likes to bite them open to eat all the insides. I’ve usually tossed them after that, thinking the good stuff was already gone. These pages seem to indicate that is not actually true. I don’t have boney beef items all that often, but perhaps I should buy a couple small ones to make some beefy broth. After reading all that, my brain is now thinking beef stew sounds good for dinner!

  4. Well I think you’re awesome and now I think you have an awesome MIL too!! That is SO sweet! 🙂