Love, unrationed



In September I spent some time with the family of our son-in-law in Birmingham. At one point as we visited, one of their little girls showed me an American Girl doll that she’d just gotten for her birthday. The doll was from the WWII era, and one of her accessories was a miniature ration book. I thumbed through the tiny book curiously.  In the margins of the book, there was a handwritten note that said, ‘Love, unrationed.’


That little phrase bounced into my brain that day– and stuck. Love, unrationed. Isn’t that the best concept ever? That’s just what I want to do. Love strong and steady — in a way that’s not dependent on my moods or my kids’ ‘tudes or whether or not the sun’s shining or the moon’s blue.

Love, Unrationed

I can’t do it all the time, for sure. But I can aim to do it a minute at a time.

I can spare a minute, even on a busy day, to hear a child’s story. I can give a hug instead of a lecture as I’m sending a kid into time-out. Twinkle at a kid from across the room. Tell my daughter that her hair looks nice. Ask my son about the book he’s reading. Hug someone — and decide ahead of time that I’ll not be offended if they squirm away. Shine an admiring smile into my husband’s eyes. Ask him a question about his day. Set aside an offense.

Then when I fail, because surely I will, I can collect myself, redirect myself, and aim to try again in a minute. Because I’m powered by my Savior, not myself, and what I’m doing is mirroring the love that he’s given me.

I may be a cracked, chipped, dim reflection of that perfect love. But every little glimmer from me draws in and directs my dear ones toward the only One who can really love unrationed.

Love, Unrationed

I wanna live like that.

If love is who I am
Then this is where I’ll stand
Recklessly abandoned
Never holding back
I want to live like that

Sidewalk Prophets: Live Like That


  1. That’s beautiful. What a concept: “Love, unrationed”. I think I need to make a sign of that and put it up in my home so I never forget that is my goal. Pouring love out all over my kiddo and this world. Thank you for that beautiful reminder.

  2. I’ll add that to my “overflowing grace” concept and maybe I’ll be able to shine His light a little better in my little area of the world. I’ve also been “choosing to not be offended” and it really helps with my attitude as well as my family’s attitudes. Thanks for this post!

  3. Amen sister.

  4. Being nice goes a long way. Everyone remembers the person who was nice in a situation that should have brought rath instead. I know I do!
    Being kind and loving is something we all strive to achieve daily.

  5. Beautiful. Thanks.

  6. Beautiful and inspiring.

  7. Love, unrationed. inspiring!