Gift Wrap Station

Today’s project involved using those newly-fabric-ed wire baskets to create a gift wrap station on the inside of the door of our walk-in closet. Our closet also doubles as the Christmas-present-stashing place around this time of year, and with the numbers of people I have to shop for, wrapping is something that happens soon (before somebody snoops) and often.  When I saw this gorgeous idea I recognized brilliance and knew I wanted something along those lines.

My solution (though admittedly not as uber-fab as my inspiration) ended up corralling all my wrapping supplies beautifully.  I attached my baskets with Command Hooks (like this) and used one of the un-finished baskets as the upper part of the corral for the gift wrap.

The bottom two baskets hold small rolls of ribbon.  I strung my large spools of ribbon on a rope hung from the hook-rack mounted on the top edge of the door.  In the bag on top (made by my talented sister) I’ve got yet more ribbon.  I didn’t realize how many gift wrapping supplies I owned until I had them all at my fingertips right there.

Now all that’s left is to get wrapping!

Oh.  And buy scotch tape. Since scotch tape in a house with 6 children is an utter pipe dream.

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  1. What a great idea. And easy for everyone to see when they use that closet.
    I have all these supplies in a big bucket that everyone in the house knows is all the wrapping supplies. Love big buckets because they stack so well in any location.

  2. Yes, you will have to hide the tape in the bag or something as soon as you get it and tell no one it is there. Oh and scissors too – if you don’t hide them, someone will use it and leave wherever it was that they used it. What a great idea!

  3. nice job! Love how you got inspiration, but didn’t feel you had to copy the idea exactly 😉

  4. Looks great. I keep mine in an old garment bag and have to dump it out whenever I use it.

  5. “scotch tape in a house with 6 children is an utter pipe dream” My mom always said the same thing with only 3 of us. Every single year, we would each get our own roll of tape in our Christmas stocking. She got different colors, and sometimes they even had fun pictures on them instead of just clear plastic. If we wanted tape, we had to use our own roll. Her tape – the location of which I can no longer even remember – was off limits unless ours was gone and we had special permission. Otherwise, be creative and figure another closure type, or beg the use of a sibling’s tape. I’m 40 years old now, and am still careful about how much tape I use!

  6. My scotch tape is always missing!


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