Family Feasts on Generations Radio

A couple weeks ago while speaking at a homeschooling conference in Boise, I had the chance to meet Kevin Swanson from Generations Radio.  This ministry  aims to look at life from a biblical perspective, in a way that supports strong families.  I greatly enjoyed Kevin’s presentations at the conference.  He is an extremely lively speaker — all over the stage, full of passion about his message.

Yesterday I had the fun of chatting with Kevin on his radio show about Family Feasts for $75 a WeekHere’s that interview if you’re interested.  And for folks who are here for the first time after listening to the interview, welcome!  Click on the tabs across the top to read more about homeschooling, cooking, and our adoption adventure. Here are links to some of the recipes I mentioned in the interview.


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  1. Well done Mary!