Your well project!

Long-time readers may remember that almost two years ago on this blog we began a fundraising project with Charity: Water, a great organization that drills wells for people in empoverished countries all over the world.  Our fundraiser total was  $6207!   Seriously, people– that number that still amazes me!!  Thanks so much to each of you who contributed to that total. The pictures below are of the water project that we funded fully, in far northern Ethiopia, in the Tigray region near Eritrea.  One hundred fifty people are served by this well.

Our fundraiser also gave partial funding to two other wells in northern Ethiopia.  If you scroll to the bottom of each well project page, you can see where your own donation ended up being used.  (Some of you donated anonymously, but if you remember how much you gave, you might still be able to see where your own money went.)

I was so touched to see the pictures of our well, and so thankful that so many of you got behind this project with us.  John and I on our own would only have made a tiny difference.  But by God’s grace and through your generosity, together we all truly have done something. Thank you!


  1. Amazing. It truly amazes me what one person still CAN do in this world. As we watch and learn about the 14 year old girl in the ‘other’ part of the world being shot because she wanted an education and being hunted by one of the most notorious evil people in the world…. amazing.

  2. That’s so fantastic. Thanks for posting the photos. I’ve contributed to several of these, but never actually seen “my own” finished result. (I don’t know which one my donation ended up with, but I’ll claim the one I can see. :))