31: I’ve been living

The weekend ran away and carried me with it, and it was lovely. Saturday evening the kids came for dinner and it felt like a perfect night to fuss over the table a bit. The previous day I’d found a nice queen sized sheet at the thrift store for $3. I cut it in half lengthwise and sewed two narrow ends together to create a LOOOONG table cloth– I think it’s probably about 16 feet long? I dream someday of having an actual table that long. For now we have a good-sized dining table with card tables at either end, long enough to fit 16 people or so.

We brought in pumpkins and fall leaves, and the girls made us bouquets. Then I lit the candles and snapped this picture of the table just before dinner. I realize looking at this photo that if I was a truly gifted home-decor kinda gal, I’d have ironed my tablecloth before getting that shot. But honestly, I was feeling like super-girl to get chili and cornbread on the table, WITH flowers. And who really wants to iron a 16-foot-long tablecloth when there’s life to be lived and babies to be cuddled?

I keep meaning to get an actual picture during dinner with everyone sitting down. But I keep forgetting. Also, half the time the mommas are nursing babies on the couches, and teenagers are getting up for seconds, and other folks are just milling around. It’s all a glorious jumble of loved ones, but only occasionally are we all sitting at the table at the exact same time.

And the babies….aren’t they just yummy???

Of course we all thoroughly enjoy both of these precious little guys.

This weekend there was also a little brother-torture, with two of the girls proving definitively that Daniel’s hair is long enough to braid. Love the look of amazement and shock on the little nephew’s face as he tries to figure out why the girls are laughing and his uncle is making dying-cow sounds.

At the same moment on the other side of the room two brothers were playing guitar while some of their sisters looked on and/or sang, as the mood struck them. Wanted to get a picture of that too, but didn’t want to ruin the mood. We do have fun! Hope your weekend was lovely too. Go here to see what my daughters — and others of you!– have been doing with their 31 days of Focus and Refresh. It’s not too late to join in if you’re interested!


  1. You know, Mary, I mustn’t be a home decor gal either because I didn’t even notice that the new table runner was creased!

  2. What an absolutely lovely day family and day 🙂

  3. You know had a 12 foot table with long side benches and end benches with backs (for any older people) for too many years, that a friend made me at a dirt cost price in exchange for permission to show it when she had anyone question her ability to do. But as kids started moving out of the house, was just tooooooo big. Even with them coming home with spouses and grandkids that darn table sat taking up every square inch of the dining room.
    Last year decided to keep a record of when the kids came over and how often we used the table which, by the way, was the only eating table in the house. We used it a total of twice in three months without anyone sitting anywhere else!!! The adults usually sit at the table but the grandkids and younger aunts and uncles love to sit with food at coffee table.
    Made the decision to give the big table away to a family that continues to grow- at 18 to date; they love it.
    I bought a small table and chairs for the dining room and wouldn’t you know, we all love it better. We pull up folding chairs when there are a bunch of us and the younger kids still gather around the coffee table. My little table and chairs looks absolutely fantastic in the dining room.
    The gist of this posting is that while that huge table served its purpose, we really didn’t need as much as we had thought.

  4. Kids laughing and playing, music, babies and everyone around your table? Sounds perfect.

  5. How wonderful! I go through times of almost panicking at how quickly our life is moving along, regretful that time with babies can be sho short-lived. Seeing a day in the life of your family, a special weekend dinner, makes me realize stages change, but if we continue to be intentional about our family, our kids will still be coming home on weekends, and bringing spouses and babies, and it will just get better! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. I love your beautiful, not-perfect table. It feels real and sincere-who has time with lots of kids to iron a tablecloth anyways? Too much perfect out there nowadays, and not enough of the wonderful day you described.

  7. That was a very fun evening, as usual. 🙂

  8. At our house we call it “split level dining” when we attach our card table to the end of the table. 🙂

  9. The table looked beautiful just as it was. That last photo, however, was priceless.

  10. Zhanna Kim says:

    What a good idea! You are a truly gifted home-decor kinda gal.I have no room in my kitchen for bigger table but idea with side tables just seem perfect to me when guests more that sits at the dining table. You kinda genius too…


  1. […] Recaps of weekends with my family(along with some lovely table decor!) always make me smile and this sign makes me want to get more truth written up on the walls of my home.  So important to be remembering truth. […]