Giveaway: Freezer Cookbook

  Today I’m giving away a copy of a new book by Jessica Fisher called Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze  Cookbook.   Jessica is the mom of 6 kids and blogs at Life As Mom and at Good Cheap Eats.

She and I have a lot of similarities in the way that we feed our families, and in the time constraints that we have in the kitchen.  Getting dinner on the table just can’t take forever, and it’s gotta appeal to at least 80% of your family on any given day.  Jessica has put together a great cookbook that steps folks through mealtime planning with a heavy emphasis on that most wonderful of kitchen appliances:  the freezer.  Her book contains 200 recipes, and lots of step by step how-to’s for folks wanting to do a cook-and-freeze day for themselves.

If you’d like to win a copy of this book, comment below and tell me how you currently use your freezer.  At the moment my freezer contains 2 casseroles, several packages of precooked ground beef, frozen raspberries, cubed sweet peppers, sliced mini zucchini, grated zucchini, and several homemade peach pies.  I love having complete meals AND partially prepped food in my freezer to speed meal prep on busy days.

So tell me how you use your freezer!  If you’d like to get an additional entry for this giveaway, share this post on twitter or facebook (buttons below) and come back to comment again and tell me where you shared it.  I’ll choose a winner on Monday.


  1. Right now, my in-house fridge consists of bags of frozen veggies, frozen waffles and made-ahead portions of ground beef. The garage freezer has what’s left of the 1/2 a cow we ordered last fall, loaves of sourdough bread from our Bountiful Basket order, and some chicken stock I made to freeze for future use.

  2. Wow. Right now, we are a week into the transition from Being with Kids to Empty Nesters.

    So, my freezer is pathetic and empty except for s couple of ice packs and three kinds of ice cream.

    The important things.

    I really want to learn how to freeze ahead things since it is just the two of us now, and with everything going on around here, like dialysis, I hate to think that on op of it all that John has to cook. So this would be a life-saver.

    I have tagged it so that if I am not the lucky one, I will buy it anyway ☺

  3. We have a large chest freezer downstairs, and it is filled with extra bread, milk, and meat that we only ever buy on sale. Plus there is our garden harvest that we blanch and package in 4-person servings (we are currently putting in green beans, swiss chard, kale, carrots, and beets). And on top of all that right now are 6 frozen casseroles, made by my mom in preparation for our wee little baby due in the next few weeks! I would love to have a copy of this book, so that I can figure out some good recipes to keep feeding my family after baby #4 is born!

  4. Sherry Blair says:

    Among many items from Costco, including at least a half dozen frozen blueberry bags, two or three bags of organic veggies, and their cheese pizzas, is a shelf full of lamb that we just purchased locally —- my husband loves lamb for a meal and altho it is not my favorite (I was raised on a cattle ranch and beef will always be my first choice.) I love having it to serve for him and I enjoy trying new recipes for it. At the point there are no pre-made meals in there, but I would love to get in the habit of doing that again.

  5. My freezers are full of garden produce, frozen meat, frozen fruit, and currently one freezer meal. I NEED to do more freezer cooking to save me time on busy days!

  6. My chest freezer is stocked right now with summer produce and bread, and a few bags of precooked burger(thanks Mary for that tip, it saves me time all the time!)
    Also have in there some ice cream and fresh fish from my dad’s last boat trip.
    Having more meals now that the kids are doing afternoon and evening activities would save my life!!!
    I am also sharing this on FB too!

  7. Up to now, my freezer contained frozen veggies, pizzas, ice cream, and a couple of meals (I doubled the recipes of a couple dinners I’ve made in past weeks, putting one in the freezer). This school year is the busiest we’ve had yet – 4 kids in 3 different schools, plus more (and longer) activities for them. I refuse to constantly resort to fast food, and need to find new and better ways to use freezer cooking to help me do that!

  8. Just posted to Facebook, too… 🙂

  9. My freezers are full of frozen meat, frozen fruit, frozen bread!!

  10. I use my deep freeze to hold all of the food I get on my monthly trips to Sam’s Club. Portion out ground meat into 2 C bags, veggies, fish, frozen loaves of bread, and cheese. And anything else that doesn’t fit into my smaller freezers. Someday I hope to have it together enough to freeze meals for easy meal times because we are an extremely busy household & rely on frozen pizza & chicken strips WAY too much.

  11. Since we’re living somewhere temporary and hope to move in the next couple of months, I have been trying to keep freezer items to a minimum. It’s also an effort on my part to make sure that we really are eating everything I buy. Right now I have 7 lbs of chicken, some pumpkin bread, frozen homemade cookie dough, a loaf of bread, some ice cream, and frozen veggies.

  12. In my freezer I have frozen fruits, flours, Popsicles, frozen bags of beans I have cooked ahead for various dishes, hot dogs, whole chickens and extra bag of ice. However I would like to have some yummy freezer meals in there especially for church nights!!! I would live to win this!

  13. At the moment, I have bags of shredded zucchini, broccoli, pizzas, cooked ground beef, ham – some sliced and some chopped, hamburgers, stew meat, pork roast, chicken breasts, pork chops, leftover soup, tomatoes, shredded cheeses, butter. I use my freezer to store leftovers, meat I buy on sale, garden produce, and things I buy at Sam’s like shredded cheese & butter.

  14. Frozen berries and ice cream. That’s about it. Frozen make-ahead meals are a pretty foreign concept to me. Would like to change that, somehow!

  15. Meat purchased on sale. Bread. Fruit and veggies. I do keep cooked chicken and prepared chicken stock for easier meals as well as browned beef. It is rare that I have a fully ready meal in the freezer unless I make a really large amount of soup and am able to put leftovers in the freezer.

  16. I use my freezer for clearance banana, peppers from the garden that I cant use right away andi I just joined a freezer dinner club and have 7 meals ready to put in the oven!

  17. Uncooked meats and seafood, fruit that wasn’t getting eaten fast enough so I sliced and froze, veggies in both regular grocery bag size and Costco size, ice cream, cornbread, banana bread, homemade poultry stocks. Probably more but I haven’t gotten up to check the list. I have a small family, but I can’t ever seem to cook small meals, so I frequently package up half of it and freeze for later. There are several homemade thaw-and-eat meals in the freezer now, which is great for the busy (or lazy!) nights. I’ve never done prep specifically for the freezer, though, it has always just been extra/leftover food.

    I’ve been working fairly diligently to clear out the freezer over the past few months, so there is actually some open space in there now. It had been stuffed full which made it ridiculous to defrost and nearly impossible to know what I had! I forget if it was your site or hers, probably both, that suggested keeping a list of inventory. Since I did that, it has been great to be able to see at a glance if the sale at the store is really of interest or if I already have enough, plus a lot easier to meal plan. I just put it on the front of the freezer; scratch things off when I take them out, scribble them on when I add something, and reprint it when the list has gotten too messy. It took me a long time to start doing it, but I wholeheartedly recommend it for people who actually use the freezer. Those people with only 3-4 things in it (like my sister) obviously don’t need to bother. 🙂

  18. I use my freezer to store clearance and sale meat, frozen veggies, and frozen broth that I’ve made. I’m MUCH better about not using convenience frozen meals and whole foods, but I know almost nothing about freezing homemade meals. This book would be awesome!

  19. I use my freezer to store bulk food purchases and as often as I can carve the time out to do so, Pre-prepped &or cooked foods. I’m always looking for make ahead freezer meal ideas!

  20. Right now, my freezer has 1/2 a cow in it. There are also a few loaves of bread and some ice cream. I have five kids and would like to get some freezer meals made to have them ready on those busy nights!

  21. Right now my freezer is full of mostly grassfed ground beef that we purchased this summer from a local farm, and a couple pounds of chicken. There aren’t currently any freezer meals…we just finished the last of them up and they need to be replaced :).

  22. I’m hoping to make better use of my freezer now that I’m expecting my second babe in January. Prepared meals would be such a blessing.

  23. Kelly Herring says:

    We pick free blueberries in June. They fill our garage freezer.

  24. Beth in the City says:

    Currently our freezer is a little empty because we have been hoping to move. Normally it holds lots of beef that we buy from a farmer friend, a quarter beef at a time. It’s time to buy more because I’m tired of buying it at Sam’s Club! I also need to begin freezing casseroles for future meals, and I like to have lots of frozen veggies on hand so I can always pull one out for a meal. My mom was here and made pie crusts and I think I will fill two of them with pumpkin pie filling. They freeze well unbaked and make a great company’s coming dish – frozen to the table in about an hour, and the house smells great while they cook.

  25. Right now, I mostly have berries, nuts, and frozen veggies in the freezer right now. Sometmes I prep ahead for the freezer, but I’ve gotten lazy 🙂

  26. We have lots of meat, frozen vegetables, and cheese. We do have a few freezer meals in there, too. I’m always looking for more freezer-friendly recipes!

  27. I have frozen pancakes, 20ish pounds of different meats, 2 kinds of fish, veggies, a pizza, a gallon of ice cream no one likes, ice packs, butter, margarine, tortillas, cheese, pepperoni, ready to bake cookies, pierogies, and Trader Joe’s arancini. This book would help me have more dinners and fewer pieces in my freezer!

  28. Mindy Kroesche says:

    I mainly use my freezer to house meat (lots of beef we get from my parents who are cattle ranchers), vegetables, and other freezer things I stock up on. I would like to do more freezer meals and have things ready to go when I need them.

  29. I’ve always wanted to use my freezer for more than just store-bought frozen things and haven’t really gotten around it yet. I made and froze some strawberry jam for the first time this summer…though it turns out I didn’t make nearly enough! Mostly my freezer is used when my mom comes to visit and she cooks and chops chicken, dices onions, freezes soup and spaghetti pie, and the like. Leave it to Nonna to get down what mom can’t find the time for! lol. Actually, I’d like this book so I don’t have to leave it to her….

  30. Mainly frozen fruits, veggies and jams.

  31. JillMichelle says:

    Right now there are NO make ahead meals! There is a lot of meat – ground beef and flank steak, chicken tenderloins, veggies and ice cream. I would love to add some meals though!

  32. I have similar in my freezer , but with much less fresh fruits and vegetables. We live in town and have a tiny garden. We eat the produce as fast as it grows! We try and buy beef to fill it too, which cuts down on weekly grocery costs. I have browned ground beef/turkey mixture, shredded chicken, casseroles, chicken pot pie, and snacks/ easy meals for the kids in my freezer right now.

    I have shredded chicken and taco mix in the crockpot for shredded chicken tacos for dinner. The rest will go in the freezer!

  33. LOVE the freezer. I use it to stock up on great sales on items like ice cream, meat, veggies, even pies and french fries

  34. After losing the full contents of our fridge and freezers twice last year I haven’t used our freezers to prep at all. Would like to get back to leveraging it for speedier dinners.

  35. I mainly store things like baking flours, butter, some bulk spices, stock, etc. I wish I could open it and see completed meals on those crazy days! 🙂

  36. My freezer currently contains most of a 1/4 of a cow, most of a bushel of peaches, some jars of frozen broth, lots of smaller bags of frozen garden produce (peppers, green beans, etc.), and bags of baked goods that can be sent in lunchboxes with my husband and two oldest kids (cookies, muffins, etc.). I love Jessica’s blogs, and would love to win this book!

  37. I did a big freezer cooking batch last week and ended up with:
    Chili (We got three meals out of this: Sunday dinner, chili mac, and a enough frozen for another dinner.)
    Cranberry Pork Loin
    Salsa Chicken x 2
    Italian Sausage & Peppers x 2
    Sweet & Sour Meatballs x 2
    Teriyaki Chicken x 2
    Chicken Cacciatore x 2
    Pepper Pork Chops x 2
    Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas x 2
    plus extra chicken & ground beef for later.

    I also buy tons of cheap bread at the Hostess Outlet and freeze it for later.

    I love Jessica’s blogs and read them often. I’d love to win a cookbook!
    I shared on facebook too!

    • Holly. I want your freezer! Sounds like some delish recipes. Did they come from one source or hodge-podged from lots of places (like my freezer meal list!)? (: Meals in my freezer rotation need some new buddies!! Alicia in TN (:

  38. my is full of leftovers

  39. Karen Martin says:

    Right now my freezer is full of steamable vegetables and meat. Our downstairs small chest is deals and some pre made things for when I don’t feel good. I’m in the middle of chemo and our family of 7 is just going for simple. I have some friends wanting to do some freezer cooking for us, but nothing sounds good so I keep putting them off!

    Karen in tn

  40. my freezer is very unorganized. it has a lot of frozen meat

  41. shared on FB

  42. I am excited for this post because I have been working on freezing a lot lately. I have two frozen burgers, one bag of chili from the other night’s batch, five bags of homemade vegetable soup for quick lunches or dinners, homemade cookies, one package of frozen chicken, one package of frozen Italian sausage, one package of bacon, one pound of ground beef, four bags of frozen vegetables, extra butter that was on sale, five boxes of frozen waffles because they were a $1.00 each, old stale bread to make bread crumbs or stuffing, old bananas to use in bread or muffins, popsicles, and ice cream (because my husband went to the store).
    It had frozen enchiladas that I had made a couple of weeks ago, but we ate them Monday because we were all exhausted and I could not make my already planned meal of beef stroganoff (which I why the beef is in the freezer.
    I would buy this book too. It was so great the other night to know I could reach in the freezer and pull out dinner. I love my freezer.

  43. right now my freezer is full of bread a friend shared with us (bagels, loaf bread), frozen veggies and some precook beef and chicken for easier meals.

  44. shared on facebook too!

  45. At the moment I’m definitely not using my freezer as well as I could! Sometimes stuff gets buried and forgotten and finally tossed. I would love to become more purposeful and organized through freezer cooking! : )

  46. I try to do your tip in your cookbook, and make double meal and freeze the other one. Last week we had a huge batch of soup, and that is in the freezer. I also use it for meat, frozen veggies or bread I get on sale.

  47. My freezer is holding frozen peachs, premade peach pies, frozen blueberries and frozen chicken. I need to learn how to make freezer meals, as my family is begging me not to use the crockpot anymore!!!

  48. I have frozen packs of homemade Potatoes O’Brien and chicken stock, along with all the fixings for fruit smoothies.

  49. We live 20 miles from walmart, bread store, grocery store, so my freezer is used a lot as a bread-preserver. I also buy meat on sale and then re-package it into 2 serving bags. Sometimes I go ahead and cook the chicken and package it into serving bags. Or I make an extra pan of lasagna and freeze it two portions to a bag. Of course, my freezer also holds the ice cream! 🙂

  50. I tweeted.