Favorite bit of my house right now

John and our teenagers spent several weekends in August repainting our previously white house a cheerful shade of yellow. While I absolutely love the new paint, my very favorite part is our front door. We went with a bright green. 

I loved it so much on the outside that I asked John to paint it on the inside of our front door too.  That way all winter long I can see a bit of sunshine and summertime, even inside my house, reminiscent of  the sunflowers that grow wild at the edge of our driveway all summer long.





  1. I love your door too! What a great color choice. Looks wonderful.

  2. So pretty! It looks so cozy and inviting. I love it.

  3. Your painting the inside to match the outside reminded me of a mansion my daughters and I just toured. The homeowners used the expensive oak on the hallway side of the doors (guests saw this part) but a cheaper pine on the inside of the doors (homeowners and servants saw this part). It was an interesting feature of the home.

  4. Your house is so cute and homey-looking! I would love to paint my house yellow, but my husband vehemently opposes the idea! To me, nothing says “cheerful home” like yellow paint!

  5. Its so cute!

  6. I love those colors!

  7. Julia Anderson says:

    Life’s too short for a white front door!
    Our’s is currently orange.

  8. My goodness Mary. I’ll have to start calling you princess Mary…I did not know you lived in a castle! Good for you guys, and almost paid you said? You are doing so good! And Hooray for the skylights!

  9. I love the contrast between the black roof and the yellow paint,oh and the green door too!

  10. I love it! It’s been way too hot in South Texas to do much outside, but now I am inspired to do something with my front door and porch.

  11. What a beautiful home, and the sunflowers too.

  12. Christine R says:

    Love the color. Can you tell me what color it is and who makes the paint?