10 ways to use up all that zucchini

The zucchini is coming on in our garden with a vengeance, and as usual I’m scrambling for new ways to keep up with the abundance.  If you’re being challenged by this too, you may be interested to see some of the ways we use this prolific veggie.

1. Asian zucchini carrot salad (pictured above)–this is perfect for a picnic.

2. Cubed raw zucchini all on its own, served with Asian salad dressing. Easy and yummy. It is OK to use a big zucchini for this, but scrape away all seeds and soft insides, and just use the firm outer flesh.

3. Korean hamburger zucchini stir-fry

4. Omelets with minced zucchini, mushrooms, and cheese.

5. Zucchini cakes ala Pioneer Woman’s friend Ryan

6. Zucchini bread

7. Grilled beef, zucchini, carrots and potatoes (like this), I boil the carrots and potatoes for just a few minutes before putting them on the grill pan with the zucchini. Cook the meat on a separate grill pan until cooked through. Then combine with veggies. This recipe disappears like lightening!

8. Pasta with zucchini ala Pioneer Woman.

9. Gluten free chocolate zucchini brownies

10. Our very favorite way to eat zucchini is simple. Dip thin slices in beaten egg, then coat ina mixture of flour and cracker crumbs, salt lightly, and fry in hot oil. Yum!  If you’re afraid of the oil in the fried version, you might be interested in this oven-baked version.

I’d love to hear what you do when zucchini is piling up in your kitchen!

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  1. Chop it up with broccoli, mushrooms and whatever other veggies of choice. Toss in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and olive oil (I just mix to taste – maybe 1 part vinegar, 1 part mustard and 2 parts oil?). Add a pinch of sugar if the acidity is too much for your taste, we personally like the kick. Let marinate 30 minute and roast at 400 til done. Yum!

    I also like to do a batch or two of mini loaves of zucchini bread to hand out to friends and neighbors – just because!

  2. I’ve been making baked zucchini fritters. They taste almost like tater tots!!

  3. I usually shred and freeze whatever we can’t use right away. I don’t garden but have generous friends most years. Last year I had a ton in the freezer and I threw a couple cups in the blender and added it to a batch of homemade spaghetti sauce (I didn’t tell the family) It was delicous. Otherwise I try to justify chocolate choc chip zucchini bread as healthy.

  4. My favorite way to use zucchini is here:


    So simple, so very delicious.

    Your list of ideas looks very interesting, too. Once we get a few zucchini from our plants, I’ll have to check out some of your recipes for it.

  5. I love zucchini for it’s versatility, mild flavor, tender texture and ability to “disappear” into many dishes.

    I grate it into tomato sauce, whole grain pancake batter, meatloaf and stew.

    For a quick dip, grate some into softened cream cheese or Greek yogurt, along with chopped herbs, garlic, scallions and s&p.

    Chop it up and throw it in frittata or in a summer vegetable soup.

    Salt and drain grated zucchini and peeled potato. Rinse and sqeeze dry. Combine with an egg, s&p, dill or tarragon and cornmeal. Form into pancakes and fry in a non-stick pan with pan spray or a small amount of oil until golden on both sides. Delicious topped with Greek yogurt or sour cream and smoked salmon.

    Shave it into long thin strips with a vegetable peeler or mandolin and toss with evoo, lemon juice, s&p, zuchini blossoms and shaved parmesan for a light salad.

  6. Uhhhg I wish. The vine borer stole all my zucchini. 🙁 Next year….

  7. Last year we had an abundace of zucchini. A friend of mine gave me a recipe for zucchini salsa. I canned a bunch. It was so good. We are waiting for our zucchini plant to be ready so I can can some more for this year.

  8. If you have an overabundance of the stuff—contact your local food shelf to donate them. Made mini zucchini bread for the neighbors along with a homemade pot holder for Christmas; and use zucchini in all our spaghetti sauces, salsas, salads, cookie mix–everything.

    Also I remember my grandma making zucchini and dandelion soups when I was a teenager.

  9. We love zucchini around here! 🙂

    Two ways we eat it:

    Grilled Zucchini
    Olive Oil
    Garlic Powder
    Onion Powder
    Dried Minced Onion
    Dried Mustard
    Black Pepper

    Slice zucchini length-wise into strips. Combine oil and seasonings to taste. Baste zucchini with oil and herb mix. Grill!

    Parmesan Baked Zucchini

  10. I hated zucchini as a kid! Truly hated it! Yet it is fast becoming my favorite vegetable. I shred it into strips to make “noodles” and serve it with ground beef, artichoke hearts and tomato sauce. My two-year-old thinks that’s what spaghetti is! It is seriously SO good. We’ve been eating it twice a week this summer! Here’s my recipe: http://myfieldsofgreen.blogspot.com/2012/06/best-food-ever.html

  11. I couldn’t get the link for the Korean recipe to work.

  12. Zucchini koftas !! they are delish with jasmine rice .

    Grate the zucchini , squeeze all the water out . Add tumeric , little bit of chilli powder ,and add chickpea flour to make a thick batter . Deep fry dollops of this batter to get koftas ..
    then Simmer then with tomato sauce , preferabley with indian spices . Once done , serve them over fragant jasmine rice !

  13. In a cast-iron skillet (for best results): Sliced walla-wallas and thinly sliced zukes in oil (walnut is my favorite)until everything is browning, then flip and brown the other side. Salt and pepper and balsamic vingegar to taste (and there’s always that ONE kid, y’know? who HAS to put ranch on it.)Simple and delicious.

  14. Open-face grilled zucchini sandwhiches: Dice and saute with onions (and maybe a little oregano or basil), then spread on toast, sprinkle cheddar or parmesan cheese and broil in the oven. Kids loved it – even the one who dislikes zucchini.

    Also, simply grated and sauted with garlic – it was surprisingly different in taste to us from sliced sauted zucchini, and delicious.

  15. http://www.ferncreekfarm.us/farm-home-cooking-2/breads/zucchini-raspberry-bread.html

    Raspberry zucchini bread… but I made it this week with blackberries… made bread AND muffins! So yummy! The berries mean you can cut down on the oil and sugar.

  16. We’re fans of BZT’s. Bacon Zuchini Tomato. I fry up the bacon and toss the zuchini in as the bacon finishes. My husband agrees that bacon grease can even “fix” zucchini:)

  17. I have been making Zuke coleslaw this summer. Just grate a zuke ( how many depends on how much coleslaw you want) and grate 1 carrot. Add some coleslaw dressing and let chill for a few hours. You cant tell the difference. It’s been a hit at our house!

  18. My sister fixed me a taco/quesadilla with zucchini in it. along with onions, and peppers. It was a nice way to bulk of the taco/quesadilla and use less meat. She stirfried the zucchini the same way she did the peppers and onions. As a first time zucchini eater outside of bread form, I really liked it.


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