To tell our children

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  1. Wonderful, wise words. I will remember and use this.

  2. So perfect!

  3. I love Mr. Rogers. When I was in college, my school would ask for suggestions for chapel-speakers. Every quarter I suggested Fred Rogers, until he died my junior year. Wonderful man of God whose life reflected the Fruit of the Spirit as he humbly and quietly used his God-given gifts.

    “Look for the helpers.” That’s one I will have to remember when I’m working with kids and when I’m a mom one day. Wise words, Mrs. Rogers!

  4. Susan B-A says:

    It completely changes the stories of the horror in Colorado when it isn’t about the act of evil but of people rushing to be brave and help those in need. Thanks so much for this wonderful quote, Mary.

  5. Thank you!!!
    That really does change the story & puts in a Philippians 4:8 light!
    I love this – it really helps ME, as I tend to get fearful, and I know it will help my children as well.

  6. I loved this. Loved.


  7. It’s a wonderful quote to turn to in time of need. Here is the original source to the image above that you should link to and give credit to on Not Just