Saturday Giveaway: No Greater Love

I’m thrilled today to be giving away two copies of No Greater Love, a book written by my friend Levi Benkert.  He and his wife Jessie  are founders of a widows and orphans adoption project that is showing great promise.  This book tells the very beginning of their story.

When Levi sent me the book, I read it in two days and wished it was longer.  I’m very much looking forward to an event planned for Idaho in August where the Benkerts will be talking more about their work in Ethiopia.  (Idaho folks: email me if you’d like an invite.)

If you’d like to win a copy of this book, comment below and tell me the furthest you’ve traveled from home on an errand from God.  Or, if that question doesn’t spark a memory, tell me the furthest you’ve ever been from home, period.  For John and me our travels have all been kid-related, first in the process of adopting our 6 children, from Ethiopia and Korea, and then for the wedding of our daughter Erika in Chile.  What adventures we’ve had!

How about you?  Comment below and tell me where you’ve traveled.  I’ll choose two people to win this book early next week!  And whatever you do, please go read about the Benkert’s mission in Ethiopia.  Cool, cool stuff.


  1. Heather says:

    I went to China the summer between my junior and senior years in college. I served God while teaching English. It was a wonderful experience.

  2. Bethany says:

    I went to Kenya on a short-term missions team when I was 16.

  3. This midwest mama has only been as far as Mexico. 🙂

  4. Our furthest journey was three separate trips to The Philippines to adopt our 8 children. Our first trip was for Natalie, our second trip was for her biological brother, Timmy and on our third trip, we came home on Christmas Day, 2011 with 6 more kids (ages 10-18) automatically doubling our family!!!

    If God asks us to travel the world again for another precious child or children, we will do it again in a heartbeat!

    My two newly adopted daughters love to read, especially about adoption and orphan care and would absolutely love this book! My two biological boys also have a heart for adoption/orphan care and would also enjoy reading this book!

  5. Europe.

  6. I went to Israel on a mission trip with my grandparents when I was 17! It was amazing!

  7. My first errand from God was a short-term mission trip to Nicaragua in 1991. More recently the farthest I’ve gone is to Jiangxi, China to welcome our youngest daughter into our family.

  8. A couple of years after I graduated college, a friend and I traveled Europe together for 5 weeks. I kept saying I would go back and see all the things I missed. Instead I got married,and had babies. I didn’t need to renew my passport until I got to travel to Ethiopia in 2009 to meet my new daughter and son, then 6 and 19 months. I brought my oldest daughter back two months later to bring the children home. Someday we will go back! Oh, and the daughter that went with me to Ethiopia then chose to spend a year working in a children’s home in Uganda. And the son that visited her? He can’t wait to go live there for a while. And the 16 year old is already making her plans to work there for awhile. Be careful – this just might be contagious!

  9. It’s India for us, in 2007, when we met our daughter for the first time. We hope to be back in 2013 to meet a new member of our family. Metaphorically speaking, the furthest I’ve been closer to home is stepping inside “gentlemen’s” clubs as I volunteer with a ministry that reaches out to young women working in our city’s s*x industry. That feels further away than India did, in many ways.

  10. Claudia says:

    The furthest I’ve traveled was to Ethiopia to adopt my younger two kiddos. I’d love to go back to Ethiopia some day with all three of my children but we’ll enjoy exploring the rarities in our great country in the meantime.

  11. I traveled to the Philippines and served as a missionary for almost 2 years. I arrived overwhelmed by the poverty and left with a deep love for the people. I had the great opportunity to teach the gospel, but also teach about water purification, gardening (we turned a small backyard landfill into a garden) immunizations, and improving life in general. We did growth and development assessments for young children. I would love to go back someday and I still keep in touch with some of the wonderful people I came to know there!

  12. Japan! Thanks, would love to read this book.

  13. El Salvador

  14. I loved Poland and wish I could go back with older wiser eyes.

  15. I’ve never been out of the country but would love to! The furthest I’ve ever been has been CA. Not far. But I’m hoping for a mission trip to Haiti soon!

  16. To China for an wild adoption ride. Never in a million years did I expect or desire to do that. When God opens doors, walk through and be blessed!

  17. We have been to Ukraine to adopt two of our kids in 2001. It was a big step of faith because we left just one month after 9/11. We didn’t know if we should fly or not but we knew God was sending us so we went. Our boys are 11 now and have added countless joy to our family of 7.

  18. Stephanie B says:

    The furthest I was called by God was New Jersey. I’ve never left the country and don’t even own a passport! We were called there for an adoption, but it was not completed due to issues with the agency. 🙁 Almost a year ago now…

  19. Amy Mac says:

    Hm, the farthest I have travelled is Germany.

  20. In college I volunteered at an orphanage on Azerbaijan. After getting married my husband and I moved to Israel for the better part of for years. We hope to be traveling to Hong Kong early next year to bring our newest little one home.

  21. I studied in Austria while in college. This was before I was saved. I really was the mission then. 🙂

  22. Kristin says:

    Europe with my family in high school…what a memorable trip!

  23. I was able to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo a couple of years ago to spend some time in an orphanage.

  24. I went to Swaziland, Africa to bring home my 2 babies.

  25. I’ve spent two summers in Taiwan teaching English and leading Bible studies. I also spent a summer in Germany working with a youth group. My family just moved to Alaska with the military. I’m really looking forward to reaching out to the other wives up here.

  26. Theresa says:

    The furthest I have been from home is when I went on a mission trip to England when I was just 10 years old. The second furthest is when our family moved from home in WA state to SW Florida. God says I can not go out of the country quite yet although I am itching to GO!

  27. We’ll be traveling to Liberia, West Africa in the next few months to bring our newest little one home. She’ll be the youngest of 9 kids – all adopted. We can’t wait!

  28. Spent two years as a missionary in Sapporo Japan after college. Later went on short term mission trips to Trinidad, Romania, and Thailand. But Japan is still home away from home. I miss it like crazy. Now I’m a Mom to four littles (7, 6, 2, and 8 months). My husband traveled overseas for mission trips prior to meeting me too (Ireland and Australia). Waiting a few years, then we will begin family mission trips, hopefully overseas.

  29. I traveled to England and Scotland when I was 20 on a mission trip. What a beautiful place!

  30. Amanda E. says:

    God hasn’t called me too far (yet). I am hoping that changes!

    The furthest I’ve been, period, has been Prince Edward Island, Canada, where I was born. I visit every couple of years.

  31. Furthest I’ve ever been is Berlin, Germany… Furthest I’ve gone on God’s leading: moving from WA to TX.

  32. I returned two weeks ago from Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia! I was on a mission trip and fell in love with the people there. When I felt called to go on this trip, it was definitely out of my “comfort zone” to travel without my husband and two small children. Praise God that he led me there! We are now sponsoring a boy from there and my husband and kids are totally into this and we cannot wait to travel there as a family. I pray that God continues to bless Levi and his family as they continue their work in Ethiopia.

  33. In Feb. 2010, I was able to travel to Ethiopia to bring our two precious cuties home! Love the country and the beautiful people so very much!

  34. My husband and I have traveled to China 4 times to adopt our children – truly errands from God….

  35. When I was 21 I spent the summer in Manila. I was blessed by the people and blessed to gain a larger worldview.
    Thanks for reviewing the book.

  36. To Russia 3 times in 2010 to adopt two of our children. Man, did that ever open my eyes!

  37. We are a military family that spent the last 4 years living in Germany. What an unbelievable experience! We did travel to Switzerland…that’s probably the furthest away. Oh, but my heart does yearn for going on “errand” for the Lord in a place like Ethiopia….

  38. jennifer says:

    china for a church mission trip and korea for our son

  39. KeLli Trickey says:

    Just to France, that’s all.

  40. The farthest I’ve traveled was to Russia and the Ukraine. My youngest son just got back yesterday from his first missions trip. He was in Chattanooga, TN.

  41. Melissa says:

    The farthest would be south Asia working at an orphanage…looking forward to moving back to that general region next year!

  42. Ethiopia, when I adopted my son.

  43. My husband and I traveled with others from our church to help in an orphanage in Mexico. It is always good to get outside of ourselves to be in a new place to serve, and also always good to be looking around to see what God is doing nearby that we can join in with!
    I’d love to read this book.

  44. Beth in the City says:

    My distance is not measured in miles, but in culture. I moved from a rural, very small church family to the city when I got married. We joined an inner city church and have lived here for 20 years. We have raised our children in the city when I never thought I ever wanted to even live in a small town! I thought I was a country girl through and through. It brings it’s own type of “missionary feeling” even though we haven’t left our country to minister. It’s hard work.

  45. I have only traveled away from home one time in the last 17 years. I am a care giver to my quadriplegic husband, that will explain why i cannot travel. But the blessing behind the disability is that i traveled to China to receive the one and only child God has blessed us with.


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