Happy 4th!

There are 1000 water balloons in coolers all over our front yard ready for a mega-battle tonight.  We’ve got cherry-vanilla ice cream chilling in the fridge ready to be churned.  We have hamburgers and bacon-wrapped jalapenos ready to hit the grill.  There’s fresh guacamole and chips, plus cases of Pepsi and Mountain Dew (a rare treat around here).  Now all I have to do is figure out some party games involving water balloons.

I hope your 4th is shaping up to be a real celebration as well.  And to all the people who fight to keep our country free, or who have released precious family members to go fight on behalf of America, thank you is not a big enough word. We are incredibly grateful for your sacrifice.



  1. Your 4th of July celebration sounds awesome! I have never tasted bacon wrapped jalapeno’s but I am guessing from my love for all things spicy that I really need too!

  2. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I hope you got some pictures.
    Blessings, Dawn