Giveaway: Dole Fruit Bites

Dole_Real_Fruit_Bites_-_PinappleThis weekend’s giveaway is a month’s supply of Dole Fruit Bites.  These goodies are exceedingly yummy.  All my kids enjoyed them and I was impressed by the natural ingredient list.  I especially liked the  yogurt-covered pineapple bites.

Have you tried these?  To enter to win a months’ supply, just comment below and tell me one thing you like to pack in lunches for your family.


  1. Thank you for the giveaway. We homeschool, so don’t pack a lot of lunches, but I will say that when we do, I always keep it simple and make sure to include some fresh veggies. I was very happy when our kids were going on a field trip yesterday, packed their own lunch and included fresh veggies on their own. 🙂

  2. Amanda E. says:

    Although we homeschool, we are often traveling over mealtimes and pack car lunches. I find that homemade granola bars, bananas, and tortilla “roll-up” sandwiches are easy to pack and easy to eat while in the car. And I always bring hand wipes for sticky fingers!

  3. Tina MacMillan says:

    We always have some kind of fruit with our lunches, be it apples, berries or raisins. These Dole bites look delicious!

  4. I always pack fruit in lunches.

  5. When we have picnics with daddy at work, I pack my preschoolers usually (c)raisins or sometimes carrot sticks. Usually hot dogs and mac and cheese. I know that the healthiest but they love it.

  6. Bananas : )

  7. Alicia S. says:

    We don’t have sweets very often, so I like to pack any leftover desserts in to the next day’s lunch. Whether it’s fruit pizza or brownies, a homemade treat just makes PBJ more special.

  8. fruit snacks

  9. Usuallly carrots if we have some, or apple slices.

  10. Cherry tomatoes. Would love some fruit bites to go with those!

  11. Tenntrace says:

    My kids love when we have leftover salad veggies to add to their lunches. Or fruit from when we’ve been out picking for canning/jelly. The fruit bites sound yummy. I’m going to have to look for those.

  12. We pack sunflower butter sandwiches with carob chips on them (instead of nutella)and sesame sticks. Osten I’ll pack homemade muffins or fruit salad.

  13. My favorite thing to pack are dried fruit bits – my toddler loves them too! I’ve had a hard time finding toddler-friendly, healthy foods for snacks and lunches out, but I really feel good about bringing these.

  14. Baby carrots. When you’re on the go, you can make sure you have at least one healthy snack.

  15. Janet Carey says:

    I like to pack love notes in lunches!

  16. Each day is different — she never knows what she’s going to get — a note, a Dove chocolate or two, pickles,a cupcake fruit snacks…my daughter is 16 and LOVES my surprises!

  17. I like adding super healthy homemade oatmeal cookies.

  18. I like to pack dehydrated raw nuts, dates and fresh fruit mostly.

  19. Carissa says:

    We also homeschool, but I often pack lunches when we attend our enrichment classes. I ususally pack sandwiches, yogurt and as a treat Pringles.

  20. We homeschool, but when we head out on a trip we tend to pack quick simple things. Bananas, apples, little granola packs….things like that.

  21. My daughter loves string cheese when we eat on the run.

  22. I don’t find myself packing many lunches, but I am always packing snacks for my toddler as we are out and about. I find myself reaching for easy snacks, which I hate. I’m always looking for convenient ways to pack fruit and veggies!

  23. String cheese and apples!

  24. Homemade pasties.

  25. Melissa says:

    Lunch, almost without fail, is sandwich, almonds, fruit (apple/peach/pear), and crackers. Hubby is a creature of habit. I would love the Dole Bites for my lunch!

  26. My 11yo eats at school – I know, I know — we may go back to packing lunches next school year…but it was getting hard to find good/packable foods that were not over-processed.
    I would definitely get these for the family though – especially a 4yo who has become so extremely picky about eating – it has gotten a bit frustrating and a little worrisome. Thanks for letting us know about this product!

  27. Apples are almost always in our packed lunches.

  28. We always have at least one fruit in the lunch bag. We can’t get enough of the fresh stuff!

  29. I have picky eaters so lunch is usually PBJ, starch of some sort (chips, goldfish, etc), fruit or veggie and a small sweet treat.

  30. Brandi P says:

    apples, strawberries, and baby carrots

  31. For my kids, packed lunches usually contain a juice box, cheese, and craisins/raisins. We’re barely out of thecheerios stage. For my husband and I I pack bubbly water, because it tastes special without being a soda.

  32. I pack every day for summer camp… its usually a sandwhich with something sweet/salty and healthy. My daughter likes anything dippable…apples & carmel, cucumbers & ranch, fruit & yougurt.

  33. We homeschool, but we always have either fruit or veggies with our lunches. These look great! Thanks!

  34. Apples. Both my boys love them.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    My mom taught me to make sure that any lunch includes fresh veggies. Fruit is a bonus, veggies are a must.

  36. I always pack capri-sun because they don’t stain their clothes.

  37. Carrots,oranges, apples are common around here, but there is always a note with a funny joke on it!

  38. Heather Ratliff says:

    I like to pack cereal and milk.

  39. I like to pack hot things in our stainless thermoses. Those things are so handy!

  40. Shannon says:

    We like to pack at least one fruit and vegetable in lunches. Often that’s just dried fruit or a banana and chopped cucumbers or carrots but it is handy and healthy. A little “dip” (usually just ranch dressing) helps it go down easier too for my 2 y/o son.

  41. Kristy B says:

    On the days we have homeschool co-op I always try to pack dried fruits and nuts..

  42. Catherine says:

    I try and pack a lot of healthy foods, but they get such a thrill when they have their own little bag of packaged snacks. I’m not sure why that is but I try and throw some in from time to time 🙂

  43. My kiss love juice boxes, and its rare that we pack a lunch so that. is the only time they get them. Anything in a individual portion is a hit- especially yogurt.

  44. A mix of raisins, peanuts and cheerios for our 2 year old!

  45. we like trailmixes….whatever we can find in the house at the time 🙂 These would be great!

  46. I always like to have fruit. As the boys are getting older, I need to start adding some veggies with the fruit to fill them up longer. Those look great for summer travel/picnic times! 🙂

  47. Kelly C says:

    They love a treat of trail mix or dried cranberries.

  48. Kristina says:

    A mixture of things – fruit, yogurt, sandwich or roll and a small treat!

  49. Graham crackers with a bit of peanut butter.

  50. My kids love when I pack a frozen smoothie, fresh, full of fruit and refreshing. Get mostly defrosted by lunch.