Right now I’m…

(word prompts inspired by my niece Madi)

loving… the way the new lime green and deep purple paint looks in our daughters’ room  (pix coming)

making… curtains and pillowcases for our daughters’ room out of the $1 fabric that I bought many moons ago.  (Shocking that it looks so lovely with my girls’ color choices.  What are the chances…?)

listening… to Dave Ramsey.  At lot.  I am officially a groupie, and our budget is the better for it.

wanting… a new kitchen floor quite a lot.  Our is truly pitiful, but I am determined to wait til August when we’ve finished off every scrap of debt except for $33,000 on the house.  (Yehaw!)

thinking…of our sweet grandbaby who I get to spend time with this afternoon.  Yay for babies.  They are THE BEST.


Now, to business.  I have a a couple more lovely fun giveaways that hopefully will get to you just in time for Mother’s Day if we get them whipped out this week.  The first set of three fun items:

#1 is The Muffin Tin Cookbook: 200 Fast, Delicious Mini-Pies, Pasta Cups, Gourmet Pockets, Veggie Cakes, and More!  I lovelovelove the concept of this book.  Not sure if it is practical for a large family like mine since it takes a bit of time to set up each little tin with the proper ingredients.  But I can see it being exceedingly fun for a special occasion where you want easy servings of little yummy things, and on a more regular basis for a family for whom a 12-cup muffin tin is enough for a meal.

Item #2 is a pound of Tomoca coffee, which is in my humble opinion THE best coffee in the universe.  My sister is visiting from Ethiopia, and brought me pounds and pounds of the lovely stuff.  I am enjoying it so much that I wanted to share some with you.

Giveaway item #3 is is a scarf from Connected in Hope, a wonderful organization that supports Ethiopian women by giving them jobs weaving scarfs.  If you win this giveaway, you’ll be able to select one scarf from their store.  There are so many different ones to choose from– this would be an absolutely love Mother’s Day gift.  If you are clueless about what to get an important momma in your world, I hope you will consider this organization.  They do wonderful things for needy mommas.

I will be choosing a winner of this giveaway on Friday evening.  To enter, comment below and answer at least 3 of the prompts that I used at the top of this post.  (loving, making, listening, thinking, wanting)  I’m looking forward to hearing what is going on in your world this week.  For an additional entry, share this post on twitter or facebook, using the buttons below this post.  If you use the share buttons, be sure to come back and comment a second time so you’ll get credit for doing it.

I’m excited about this giveaway– hope you are too!! And believe it or not, I’ve got another giveaway on Saturday, so stay tuned!


  1. I’m loving that the Olympics are less than 100 days away.
    I’m listening to the morning news.
    I’m thinking of this summer’s vacation when I get to see my nephews.

  2. Loving – the weather

    Making – Asian Thai Noodles for dinner

    Listening – Radiolab

    Wanting – it to rain because the lawn and garden need the water

  3. I’m loving that the warmer weather is here. All the windows are open and the house smells lovely.

    I’m thinking about how potty training will go with my almost 3 1/2 year old. He’s been very resistant to change but understands where he should be going. We’re tackling this when we have a few extra days off in the middle of the month.

    I’m wanting to spend more quality time with my husband. I miss our alone time.

  4. Amber N says:

    Loving seeing my little boy hearing some things for the very first time now that he has tubes in

    Listening to two little boys playing together with cars

    Thinking about all the fun things I have planned with my family over the next couple of days

  5. Kristin says:

    loving that my schedule has let up some in the last week (2 less weekly commitments, yay!)

    making apple streusel muffins later today with my 10 yr old for women’s Bible study tomorrow

    wanting to know what our future holds for this summer – will we be moving, will my hubby find a good-paying job in the city we want to move to, will we qualify for a mortgage for a decent house??

  6. Loving…the woodstove in our living room that heats the whole house all winter and on this rainy morning.
    Making…plans for a really nice dinner since have plans that actually start AFTER dinner this evening.
    Listening…to the rain drops outside that make the Northwest so green yet dreary at times. Come on summer!

  7. Loving…reading Ann Voskamp’s blog!
    Making…progress on the piles of work on my desk.
    Listening…to the various sounds throughout my office (clock chiming, computer whirring, phones ringing)
    Thinking…how cool that muffin tin cookbook would be and maybe I’ll have to google some recipes for dinner.
    Wanting…to feel a bit more in control of my life and knowing that I have to turn everything over to the One who is really in control!

  8. Deanna says:

    Listening to Simple Mom Podcasts (Love Dave Ramsey though and have listened to lots of those)
    Wanting to find a way to supplement our income from home.
    Loving the weekends at home with my husband and daughter.

  9. Shared on FB.

  10. loving…reading your blog because you make me remember I’m not in this journey alone.
    making…a plan to be content here because it doesn’t seem that God has a plan for us to move.
    listening…to my Jani girl read her reader to me. So proud of her learning to read on her own.
    thinking…it would be good to not have asthma.
    wanting…to be debt free.

  11. Sukyee Eng says:

    Loving: my French press coffee maker

    Thinking: about my lovely kids and the great vacation we just had

    Wanting: a house with a backyard

  12. thinking… about conference speakers who challenged us in our thinking at our homeschool conference
    Listening…to Phillip Telfer of Media Talk 101…what a RELEVANT message…
    Loving…the way my boy admits responsibility in a potential area of sin…just a weakness right now and he sees that!
    wanting…Beautiful Feet curriculum…
    making… decisions to be more and more like Jesus…only through His power and strength
    See a theme???


  13. Janet Stewardson says:

    Loving the way the rain has brought out the green and the dandelions on the lawn. Spring is here.
    Wanting to get outside to work on the yard.
    Thinking of all I should be doing instead of sitting here at the computer

  14. listening: to Horton Hears a Who playing in the background.
    thinking: that coffee is so yummy, and how glad I am that I haven’t had to give it up for Atkins!
    wanting: chocolate brownies

  15. Amanda says:

    I am loving this rainy weather. I am making lemon bars. I am wanting to organize my cabinets

  16. listening to the sounds of the dogs waiting for their dinner and the bustle of my daughter getting ready for practice

    wanting the patience to deal with the chaos of kids and schedules and dinner time with the grace my children deserve

    loving my life, as chaotic and insane as it sometimes is, I still am blessed to have this life.

  17. Lesley says:

    Loving that we are done with school for the year.
    Wanting to get my eyebrows waxed.
    Thinking about our trip next week and all that needs to be done.

  18. Loving…my husband of 36 years.

    Thinking…about making mango salsa for Cinqo de Mayo party tomorrow.

    Making…invoices for customers for new business.

    Wanting…to be able to retire soon from my job of 41 years!

  19. Christy says:

    Listening to Goyte…
    Wanting new sunglasses since I cracked mine or a 910XT Garmin GPS watch for half marathon training
    Making plans to visit family in AZ in June when its 110 degrees outside!

  20. Melissa says:

    I am loving the ages my kids are at….still young and not as exhausting as babes!
    I am thinking about how I want to spend my life in ways and on things that have the potential to outlive me.
    I am listening to a talk by John Taylor Gatto.

  21. Sheila says:

    Making…..time for the important in the midst of the urgent.

  22. Loving…that you used this prompt! Also feeling a little embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to respond…

    Making…a burlap grocery bag for the farmer’s market. Except, my summer job on a farm means I probably won’t need to go to the market! Funny how life works out.

    Listening…to the torrential rainstorm happenings outside.

    Wanting…a pair of muck boots. My walking shoes are not going to cut it on the farm!

    Thinking…about how excited I am for my summer. Good things are definitely in store!

  23. Loving that summer is approaching, feeling the warm sun on my skin, sending the kids outside to play more.

    Wanting new carpet in my house. It is old and worn.

    Listening to Rick Warren’s sermons


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