Right now I’m…

(word prompts inspired by my niece Madi)

loving… the way the new lime green and deep purple paint looks in our daughters’ room  (pix coming)

making… curtains and pillowcases for our daughters’ room out of the $1 fabric that I bought many moons ago.  (Shocking that it looks so lovely with my girls’ color choices.  What are the chances…?)

listening… to Dave Ramsey.  At lot.  I am officially a groupie, and our budget is the better for it.

wanting… a new kitchen floor quite a lot.  Our is truly pitiful, but I am determined to wait til August when we’ve finished off every scrap of debt except for $33,000 on the house.  (Yehaw!)

thinking…of our sweet grandbaby who I get to spend time with this afternoon.  Yay for babies.  They are THE BEST.


Now, to business.  I have a a couple more lovely fun giveaways that hopefully will get to you just in time for Mother’s Day if we get them whipped out this week.  The first set of three fun items:

#1 is The Muffin Tin Cookbook: 200 Fast, Delicious Mini-Pies, Pasta Cups, Gourmet Pockets, Veggie Cakes, and More!  I lovelovelove the concept of this book.  Not sure if it is practical for a large family like mine since it takes a bit of time to set up each little tin with the proper ingredients.  But I can see it being exceedingly fun for a special occasion where you want easy servings of little yummy things, and on a more regular basis for a family for whom a 12-cup muffin tin is enough for a meal.

Item #2 is a pound of Tomoca coffee, which is in my humble opinion THE best coffee in the universe.  My sister is visiting from Ethiopia, and brought me pounds and pounds of the lovely stuff.  I am enjoying it so much that I wanted to share some with you.

Giveaway item #3 is is a scarf from Connected in Hope, a wonderful organization that supports Ethiopian women by giving them jobs weaving scarfs.  If you win this giveaway, you’ll be able to select one scarf from their store.  There are so many different ones to choose from– this would be an absolutely love Mother’s Day gift.  If you are clueless about what to get an important momma in your world, I hope you will consider this organization.  They do wonderful things for needy mommas.

I will be choosing a winner of this giveaway on Friday evening.  To enter, comment below and answer at least 3 of the prompts that I used at the top of this post.  (loving, making, listening, thinking, wanting)  I’m looking forward to hearing what is going on in your world this week.  For an additional entry, share this post on twitter or facebook, using the buttons below this post.  If you use the share buttons, be sure to come back and comment a second time so you’ll get credit for doing it.

I’m excited about this giveaway– hope you are too!! And believe it or not, I’ve got another giveaway on Saturday, so stay tuned!


  1. Theresa says:

    I’m loving… the cool breeze coming in through all the windows. It is enough that I can feel it on my skin, but not so much that it causes the inside doors to slam shut.

    I’m making… plans for my daughter’s birthday party.

    I’m thinking… about my children taking final exams.

  2. loving: nursing my brand new baby, born yesterday!

    listening: to storm winds brewing

    thinking: about the miracle of birth

  3. listening to…klove on my computer

    loving…the spring weather

    wanting….summer break to get here soon 🙂

    making….a frame for the mirror in my bathroom

  4. Listening to…my kids playing nicely together and (finally!) not fighting for the first time today.

    Loving…the view of the sunshine and the smell of the warm breezes outside my window after a long night of storms.

    Wanting…to be able to get out of the house for a bit since we’ve been cooped up so long, but needing to wait on the 6 month old to wake from his nap first.

  5. Making…a sweater for myself! This is a first.

    Loving…the prospect of a road trip!

    Thinking…of my family on the other end. 🙂

  6. listening: to the kids worship station on Pandora while my girls have a dance party.

    thinking: about surprises in the making.

    loving: that our 2 1/2 year old has decided to be 100% potty trained.

    wanting: to see that sweet sister of yours who is home from Ethiopia!

    • Jen, is that kids worship station one that you made yourself or a pre-made one? I just looked for it and couldn’t find it in the “search genres” feature. I’d love to listen to it with my kids!

      Grace + peace, PlainJane 🙂

  7. Becky D says:

    Loving -the warm breeze on me from the open front window. It’s around 80 today in Ohio. It was 38 4 days ago with freezing rain.
    Listening-to my 5month old getting fussy so this will need to be a quick comment
    Wanting-a full recovery , I had a hysterectomy with a full incision not quite 3weeks ago and recovery is slow but steady. Also for that 5 month olds adoption to be finalized.

  8. Right now I’m:

    + loving… sweet 2-year-old snuggles from my little girl.

    + thinking… about the parallels between running and life.

    + making… plans to act on the inspiration I’ve received from my favorite blog stops this morning (Ownhaven included!).

    + wanting… a nap. 😉

  9. listening….to Adventures in Odyssey with my kiddos during our lunch break

    making…..plans for a homeschool mom’s get together at my home

    wanting…..to win some of these fantastic giveaways!

  10. Suerene says:

    Loving the way my two year old can make a toy out of anything
    Wanting a piece of dark chocolate but I’m always wanting that 🙂
    Thinking about how much I love the church that God has placed us in and how much I love Wednesday night service

  11. Meaghan says:

    Loving…how well my beets are doing this year in the garden, they are huge!

    Thinking….of all the things i need to do for my upcoming wedding in June.

    Wanting…my nagging cough to go way.

  12. Making pork carnitas from your “$75 a week” cookbook.
    listening to my 4 yr olds play in their room while they’re supposed to be resting.
    wanting my husband to come home early from work today!

  13. loving . . . looking at my daughter’s room that I just shoveled out and organized
    listening . . . to the quiet while everyone is gone for school and work for the day
    wanting . . . my allergies to quit bothering me!

  14. I’m making… homemade rolls in the breadmaker for dinner (yum!)

    I’m loving…my sweet children

    I’m wanting…a nap 😉

  15. Thinking … I’m truly blessed that all ten children are in good health and for an added bonus; so am I

    Loving … special time to spend with youngest daughter (only one at home now after seeing two daughters off to London yesterday for six months)

    Wanting … move to pay off mortgage but wondering if want to be six hours from grandkids to do it

  16. Loving: this weather and the wonderful picnic I had this noon with my sister, daughter, and nephews.
    Thinking: about two books I am reading/ have read lately: The Help and Cinderella Ate My Daughter.
    Listening: to Talk of the Nation. People are discussing the best advice they received as they graduated from college. Interesting.

  17. Listening: to “Be Thou My Vision” on my daughter’s Pandora station.

    Loving: seeing my kids grow up into responsible young adults (as I watch my 15 year old prepare a presentation for our history co-op on Friday).

    Wanting: to say that I am content despite our current jobless state, when what I REALLY want is a job for my husband that will support us 🙂

    Making: nothing…but I should be making skirts for a friend to wear when she is in Zambia in a couple of weeks!

  18. I’m loving nursing my sweet baby girl. It is just as special the second time around! I’m thinking of all the things that need to get done before the movers come in Monday. I’m wanting a Berkey water filter for our new home.

  19. Loving… the idea of coffee from Ethiopia. I have some from El Salvador that I love, and that sounds scrumptious.

    Listening… to Michael Buble radio on Pandora.

    Thinking… of what to do on my ‘me’ day today…play some Borderlands or put together a tv stand? 🙂

  20. Just shared on FB!

  21. I’m loving….living in the country. We moved out of the city 2 weeks ago and it is so peaceful and serene!!

    I’m making….food for a friend who had a baby born with Down’s who is still in the hospital and will have surgery tomorrow.

    I’m thinking….about how big of a garden I should have. I want it large enough so that I can do lots of canning, but I also don’t want it to completely take over my life. 🙂

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Right now I am…

    loving… the sunshine after a few days of hard rain

    making… some summer dresses by making skirts and sewing them onto t-shirts that are too short to wear on their own

    listening… to a new Christian radio station I discovered

  23. Amy Mac says:

    Right now I am loving my new son (#6 and 6 weeks old)
    and wanting to buy a bigger house (we rent currently)
    and listening to sons # 3, 4, & 5 talk while we finish lunch.

  24. Angela says:

    listening… to the Demigod Files on CD.

    wanting… to talk to my sister.

    thinking…of my first half marathon coming up on Sunday!

  25. Nancy H. says:

    Loving that we finished my daughter’s year of kindergarten home school last week so we’ve been enjoying “vacation” – including errands during the morning!

    Planning some meals to take to three friends with babies arriving in the next six weeks…summery/light and kid-friendly dishes.

    Thinking about the summer coming up and thinking ahead with my husband to plans for our small group…meals together for a “warmer” hospitality feel.

  26. Amanda says:

    I’m making… dinner on the stove.
    I’m listening… to my 2.5 year old telling me everything that she loves about her snack.
    I’m thinking… about going to adoration tonight at church.

  27. Barbara says:

    I am loving my now-adult childre. They’ve become “neat” people to talk to!
    I am listening to 4Troops. Check them out!
    I am thinking of my deceased mom (gone now for 10 years) and wishing that I could ask her a million questions.

  28. Alisha Martin says:

    loving… the sunshine in the mornings here in California.

    making… a knitted scarf for my mother in law’s mother’s day gift.
    (she is who taught me how to knit)

    listening… for God’s direction about when and where to spend our income wisely.

    wanting… a new car!

    thinking…of how proud I am of my husband for passing an entrance exam to get into the Plumber’s Union

  29. Loving … finals for the semester starting to end
    Listening … to the murmur of student study groups
    Wishing … that it was time to start my evening run
    Thinking … about operating marging, turnover, and ROI formulas
    Making … a set of blog posts about my March dinner party

  30. Oh! oh! oh! I CRAVE that coffee!!! Ok ok ok.

    Loving…tulips blooming in my yard, drops of sheer colour. spring in general.

    Making…plans for a Sat bbq with two Iraqi families.

    wishing…I could take a nap

    thinking…that instead I’m going to go to the gym, and hope that wakes me up! And I’m happy to have options–usually at this time I’m not even home yet! 🙂 Yaay for slower days.

  31. Thinking… I totally need some chocolate
    Listening… to my 10 month old (who has been home for 3 weeks) happily chatter away while playing
    Making… Plans to re-do our sad yard into a fun place this summer

  32. jennifer bubolz-miller says:

    making dinner for the kids before cub scouts
    thinking- about what I want to say for my daughters school assesment
    wanting- to tell them everything so she’ll have a good experience next year.

  33. Melissa says:

    Thinking… I can’t wait to go over our friends’ house tonight to watch Downton Abbey!

    Making… Mac and Cheese with Smoked Gouda and Cauliflower.

    Listening… to hubby play some video games.

    Loving… that I’ve almost survived my first year of teaching!

    Wishing… that we will find a rental house quickly in the perfect location within our budget!

  34. Ann Megill says:

    loving: our new HD tv that hubby got as a work bonus

    wanting: our swamp cooler turned on – it’s getting warm!

    thinking: about all the things to get done before my 15 yr old and I got to Phoenix on Friday for dance competition.

  35. Loving ….Jesus!!!

    Making…New chore charts.

    Listening…to Chris Tomlin worship music.

    Wanting…my books from Amazon that I ordered only two days ago to be here already :).

    Thinking…that maybe homeschooling my youngest two next year might be the right decision.

  36. Today I am

    loving my husband’s deep laughter when he came in the door from work.

    thinking about how to ever begin homeschooling my very anxious fifth child.

    wanting to loose my last 20 pounds (I’ve lost 47)!!!

  37. I’m…

    Loving~the cool, lovely, prolonged spring we’ve had…
    Thinking~ about goals for summer with the children home…
    Wanting~ different flooring in this house….

    Thanks for doing this fun giveaway!

    Happy Mother’s Day….

    Jen B.

  38. Loving: my purple peony bush blooming for the first time.

    Making: straps to adjust a gown for my teen’s spring ball.

    Listening: to Ralph Stanley’s A Mother’s Prayer bluegrass cd.

    Wanting: to have a glorious day tomorrow when my sister comes into town to visit!

  39. Victoria B. says:

    Making… seed and seedling collections for my daughters school’s new learning garden going in next week.

    Thinking about the changes that may be coming our way

    Listening: to the birds chirping in our backyard

    Wanting: whatever changes are on their way to bless our family and keep us moving forward from this current season in our lives.

  40. Listening to: The Secret Garden on cd with my younglings

    Loving: the discovery of a farm stand near my house with beautiful, never-been-sprayed produce

    Making: hanging baskets with fuscias that managed to overwinter on my deck during this year’s mild winter

  41. HeatherS says:

    Loving: how much better I feel after losing 30 lbs!

    Making: cupcakes for a fundraiser

    Thinking: of summer break, can’t get here fast enough!

  42. Right now I’m….

    making a sweater…just in time for summer! 🙂 Actually, I’m hoping to have it finished and waiting for me this fall.

    listening to a quiet house. Bliss!

    wanting the next 10 weeks to go by faster, so we can meet our newest little one.

  43. Right now I’m…
    Loving my 10 month old.
    Making room for company.
    Listening to my husband play the guitar.

  44. sophie says:

    Making sourdough bread.
    Thinking garden, garden, garden.
    Loving being in the country.

  45. making…..dresses from pillowcases and sheets

    loving…..the break between using the heater and the A/C

    listening…..to Alistair Begg….so good

  46. Heather says:

    loving. . . my dear new friend who shares my name

    making. . . lots of yummy treats in my borrowed dehydrator

    wanting. . . my own Excalibur dehydrator!

  47. Lauren says:

    I am

    loving … my husband – it is our 14th anniversary today.

    wanting … a new kindle for my daughter

    thinking …. of how blessed I am. Just got back from a fun vacation with my wonderful family.

  48. I am listening to nothing! A quite house is so nice!
    I am thinking I really should go to bed!
    I am loving the breeze of the fan on a warm muggy night.

  49. Listening – to the clock tick and the laptop hum. Everyone else is asleep and I should be enjoying the quiet!
    Thinking – of the 2 parties we are having this weekend in our house. 10 year old bday and 7 year old first communion. It will be a busy place!
    Wanting – my son to get done with the project that’s due Friday that he procrastinated on. Trying not to nag. He is responsible for it. Repeating to self often.

  50. Camilla says:

    Loving the peace and quiet that happens after the other nine have gone to their rooms.
    Wanting my allergies to go away so I can actually get some serious work done.
    Thinking how much your running entries have made me sad that I felt too yucky to exercise today.
    Making lofty plans