Two-book Mother’s Day giveaway!

This weekend I have a very fun two-book set for you that I’ll be giving away to two different readers!  I’m excited about the timing of this, because both these books would make lovely Mother’s Day gifts. The first book is called Life’s Too Short to Miss the Big Picture (for Moms) written by Melanie Simpson.  This book is scheduled to be released on Mother’s Day, so the winners of this giveaway will have their copies before the general public.  It is a compilation of stories by a mother of two, sharing some of her most precious moments of motherhood, both the good and the challenging.  It is the type of book that can be easily read in short snippets of time, which makes it perfect for a busy mom.

The second book is called A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms. This one was written by an interesting group of mama-writers: Leslie Wilson, Trish Berg, Terra Hangen, Cathy Messecar, and Karen Robbins.  This book combines thoughtful essays with mothering advice on topics that range from cookbooks to travel to bedtime routines.  This is an easy, encouraging, lovely book that any mom would enjoy.

To enter this drawing, comment below and tell me one mothering book that has been an encouragement to you over the years.  For an additional entry, share this giveaway on facebook or twitter using the buttons below, then come back and comment again so I’ll know you did it.  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, and get the books shipped out to you in time to give away as Mother’s Day gifts if you wish!  Looking forward to hearing your book recommendations!


  1. evangeline says:

    One book that has been an encouragement is The Mission of Motherhood and blogs like yours.

  2. I actually felt really empowered through reading Boys Adrift especially because I have sons & I was clueless to boys” nature because I had no brothers growing up.
    Thanks for the chance.

  3. I keep “Loving the Little years” on my nightstand and have read and re-read and thumbed thru it many times looking for encouragement. Course I have to also say my Bible…. it has everything we need for life and godliness.

  4. Small Steps for Catholic Moms

  5. Bible, but nothing else specifically geared to mothering. I’ve read some but can’t remember anything that stayed with me. I do read two blogs daily for encouragement. Owlhaven and Large Family mothering.

  6. Dobson’s Strong Willed Child has been a big help and encouragement in dealing with my youngest son.

  7. Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys is a good one – but of all the Bible

  8. It was called “Listening to your baby”. It really helped.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I am 20 pages from the end of Dobson’s “Bringing Up Girls” and it’s great. As soon as I’m finished ill be on to “Bringing Up Boys”!

  10. Last Child in the Woods – not a mothering book I know, but it helped me a lot in giving my children appropriate room to grow.

  11. Hmm, as a mother for only 11 months (to kiddos currently ages 2, 3, and 4), I keep going back to Karen Purvis’ “The Connected Child” for the lovely blend of compassionate and empathetic parenting for tough situations.

  12. Right now I am reading The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. Its helping me embrace this calling of motherhood that sometimes seems like nothing more than cleaning up after dirty children day after day.

  13. Seconding “The Connected Child.” All kinds of practical advice for dealing with children that come from hard places. I love this book because it has a strong message of hope for parents and children.

  14. I felt really hopeful and encouraged when I finished “The Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family.”

  15. I really liked your Large Family book. I also liked the Duggars’ first book. It had so many practical tips. But one of my favorite resources is “Laine’s Letters” ( She used to E-mail encouraging letters just about every week…I got on her mailing list when I was about 16 (now I’m 28) and I have been reading her letters ever since. She still sends one out very rarely…like once a year or so. She’s just a really sweet Christian wife and mother of 5…4 grown biological children and 1 recently adopted young girl. Her letters contain lots of practical tips on marriage, Bible study, family life, homeschooling, ministry, and frugality. I really appreciate her heart. I’ve never met her and probably never will, but she is one of the people who has most influenced my life.

  16. I’m a reader so it’s hard to mention just one! Do I get bonus points for saying The Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family”?!? Actually, that has been a huge help–both practically and philosophically–and I have shared it with a bunch of friends, because I feel it is so helpful (and fun and easy to read!) whether a mom has 1 or 10! But other books are A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming and Noel Piper’s Treasuring God in our Traditions. These are some of the few books that I re-read/skim every few years!

  17. I did not read a lot of parenting books, but I found a lot of useful encouragement from “Mothering” magazine and the Babycenter website. Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. I’ve enjoyed Love and Logic for the Little Years.

  19. The Duggars: 20 and Counting and anything by Kevin Lehman have given me lots of mothering/parenting advice. There are several books, though that I have on my list to read.

  20. Five Love Languages. Not exactly a parenting book, but did change how I look at love and feeling loved.

  21. Shepherding a Child’s Heart! Great parenting book!

  22. jennifer bubolz-miller says:

    Jodi Mindell’s sleeping through the night

  23. Heather Ratliff says:

    Life on Planet Mom by Lisa Tawn Bergren

  24. Do not read parenting books or magazines, never time.
    But one of the books that I used the most while raising my ten children has to be “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”.
    Two other favorites are “Last Child in the Woods” and “The Great Fire” (only book on our coffee table to remind us of the consequences of gossip and rumors and how they can destroy a person and/or family).
    Now as the kids are getting older books like “Please Stop Laughing at Me”, “Stargirl”, “10 Mindful Minutes”, “Elaine’s Circle”, “Stolen Lives”, and “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” have been books that have prompted continual discussions with kids. After my suggestion, book club read these ones with everyone agreeing–MUST read for all ages.

  25. I’m currently in the middle of your Sane Woman’s Guide – and really enjoying it! New ideas and confirmation that some of my old ones are good and not crazy!

    I’ve also really enjoyed “parenting with grace” for information on discipline. It has excellent information, but is also strongly Catholic. It is unfortunate that they are sometimes negative to other religions (I found this offensive as a convert to Catholicism) – but I’ve been able to read past that and that parenting information for all age groups is great.

  26. I receive much of my mothering encouragement from blogs like yours. I know there have been books that I’ve read that have really spoken to me as a mom and I’m frustrated that I can’t think of a single title right now! I’m currently reading a book on homeschooling (we are starting in the fall) and it is providing encouragement on patience and flexibility when working with a child who is “behind” the standard curve.
    Excited for a chance to win. 🙂

  27. I think the two books tha have been the most help have been “The Five Love Languages” and “How People Change”. These books have been great help parenting two teenage boys.

  28. Shared on Twitter!

  29. Both of the Duggar’s books have been helpful

  30. Elizabeth says:

    “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” was a really good read on disciplining.

  31. I have read many good books but enjoy author Kevin Lehman, Sacred Parenting, and The Mission of Motherhood.

  32. The Bible. Enough said.

  33. Beloved and Blessed by Kimberly Hahn gave me hope that I could be a good mother right where I was. I was also inspired to make for sure that my boys learn how to be self-reliant by reading A Nation of Wimps by Hara Estroff Marano. Neither book is strictly about mothering, but they both have helped me be a better parent (and that’s two, sorry, can’t help myself when it comes to books).

  34. Tweeted 🙂

  35. Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies, who wrote “The Power of Motherhood” … the title says it all! A great ladies bible study guide too!

  36. One of my all-time favorites is “She’s Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger” by Julie Ann Barnhill. “Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus” by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick is an amazing one.

  37. The Bible is definitely the one that has helped the most. I did glean some good things from To Train Up a Child, though I didn’t agree with all of it.

  38. The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson has been very encouraging to me. Raising Your Spirited Child has been a good one as well as I definitely have a spirited child!

  39. Hmm, I don’t really have a mothering book that stayed with me, which is why I am still on the lookout. I guess scriptures are the best I have, I think it works.

  40. I loved the book, “Have a New Kid by Friday” by Kevin Lehman. Funny, practical and Biblical teaching for raising kids!

  41. Elizabeth says:

    James Dobson’s “The Strong Willed Child.” My first two weren’t actually strong-willed, but my third is! I’m so glad I read this long ago 🙂

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I shared the link on Facebook!

  43. Sara Dowell says:

    I’m a huge fan of books; there are so many I’ve loved!!! One Million Arrows was really powerful; encouraged me to remember the bigger picture, the reason we are parents. I’ve also found Proverbs for Parenting very helpful; my Mom gave it to me and my kids have soaked up the “jewels” of Scriptures in there. I love to read!!

  44. I am ashamed to say I have never read a mothering book, I do read blogs. As a librarian I have no excuse!

  45. There’s a cute book called A Mother’s Book of Secrets that I love because it recounts a child who loved to squish himself into the toilet and make plunging noises with his little bum down in the toilet bowl. I love this because I have NEVER had a child do that–and sometimes it feels there is no mischief one of my children hasn’t done!