Veggie Tales giveaway

Today I’m giving away a new DVD from Veggie tales called Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men.  I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for Veggie Tales.  I’ve been watching them ever since our big kids were in elementary school. The pure silliness appeals to kids, and the message at the end of the movie leaves me feeling like the screen time was not a waste.

If’ you’d like to enter this drawing, comment below and tell me your favorite Veggie Tale movie.   Mine, always and forever, is the one featuring Madame Blueberry and Stuffmart. What is that one called, anyway?  I forget.  Anyway, tell me your favorites and I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday!


  1. We love Esther at our house. It’s by far my daughter’s favorite and one of my favorite Bible characters, so I don’t mind watching it over and over.

  2. I loved the Madame Blueberry one too! I remember watching it while babysitting in high school.

  3. We like the old ones best. Are You My Neighbor? is a classic around here!

  4. Melissa Bell says:

    My girls (3 and 2) like “God Made You Special”

  5. I love a good Jimmy Stewart film, and did my master’s thesis on meaningfulness, so “It’s a Meaningful Life” is a favourite Veggie Tales choice for me. “Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving” is another.

  6. My favorite is always Dave and the Giant Pickle…my dd will randomly start singing “Your big I’m little, my head only comes to your middle, with god’s help little guys can do big things too.”

  7. Jessica W says:

    We love “Where’s God When I’m Scared?” We’d love to see the new one!

  8. I like the one about Esther (can’t remember if they call it something different). 🙂

  9. Heather Hetler says:

    I also love Madame Blueberry the most!

  10. We love the two that have the “Boyz in the Sink” silly songs. “I ain’t got no belly button…”

  11. Mine is the Madame Blueberry one too! Its the first one I ever bought, for a girl I nannied for.

  12. Gotta say, my kids like the Silly Songs the best, but my favorite is the Snoodles Tale. 🙂

  13. I also love Madame Blueberry the most. I also love the parody of Extreme Home Makeover they do at the beginning of the “Pistachio: the Little Boy that Woodn’t”. What a great show!

  14. Loi Douglas says:

    That’s hard! It might be the Easter Carol one. Or maybe Esther? I think Easter Carol.

  15. The first movie I saw was ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Has’ so that one is one of my favorites!

  16. Madame blueberry is awesome and one of the first we saw. I love Daniel and the Lions Den and the St Nicholas one. Those two are easily my favorite!

  17. I love Jonah.

  18. Oh my, we love Veggietales in our house. My toddler learned how to say “Bob” very early. 🙂 I probably like King George and the Ducky best. Their recent one, “The Princess and the Popstar” is very cute for my girls although there are parts of the story I wish were a little different. 🙂

  19. I love the videos with all the silly songs, though my daughter lives the Princess and the Popstar.

  20. My kids like the Sweet Pea Princess video…not sure of the actual name. I’m not sure I can say that any of them are MY favorite…!

  21. I really like the Madame Blueberry one as well. The Thankful Prayer Song is one of my favorites, and I loved hearing my kids sing it every year in preschool at Thanksgiving time. 🙂 (Too bad the older two are out of that phase. I should get it and start teaching the younger two!)

  22. I love the Good Samaritan. We have been known to break in to the ‘Dreadfully busy’ song around here to remind people of what is REALLY important.

  23. Darya Bowen says:

    Yes, Veggietales are a favorite around here. I’m really into “The Lord of the Beans” right now!

  24. Well, the first veggie tales our eldest ever got was a 4 disc collection of silly songs – and I have to admit, that’s still my favorite (though I can’t really think of one I dislike!) We sing the yippie ki yo ki yea birthday song from “The Ballad of Little Joe” for pretty much every birthday that comes up around here. (favorite line “Look I made a frosting cow!”)

  25. Bess Norris says:

    I have four kids six and under so Veggie Tales are a staple around here! My crew loves Minnesota Cuke!

  26. The Wonderful World of Ha’s is our favorite although we watch them ALL on a weekly basis!

  27. Madame Blueberry is my fav, also. Each of my boys has their own favorite.

  28. Oh man, how to pick a favorite Veggie Tales? My two little guys and I love them, and we’ve been building our collection recently. The Two Year Old loves The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, the Five Year Old loves Minnesota Cuke, and I love Are You My Neighbor!

  29. We love VeggieTales here as well… My favourite is Madame Blueberry & King George and his Ducky. It’s a definite toss up!!! lol!

  30. We love Veggie Tales! Madame Blueberry is one of my favorites, and we all love the Silly Songs DVD that we have.

  31. I love Daniel. “Oh, no, whatcha gonna do? The king likes Daniel more than me and you!”

  32. I love little Joe! Love all the silly songs too!

  33. Yep, I’m a Madame Blueberry fan too!

  34. I love the Josh in the big wall… “I have slushie in my ear”

  35. Ah, Veggie Tales! My favorite of the new ones is The Night Before Easter. My children’s favorite is “Buzz Saw Louis” or “The Toy That Saved Christmas”.

  36. Chavonne says:

    I think our favorite would have to be either the top 10 silly songs live or the madame blueberry one. We all love Veggie Tales and having a family with 7 kids that says a lot. I love to put a Veggie Tales movie on and see everyone (including my husband and I)sing the theme song really loud.

  37. Madame Blueberry/Stuffmart is my favorite as well!! “We’ve really got some very fine … stuff!” 🙂

  38. We just rewatched some of the older ones and I remembered why I fell in love with them!! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. I guess I will choose the first one I ever saw, “Where’s God when I’m scared.”

  39. I don’t remember which one it was in, but it was the one with the song “Pepino Bailarin”. Somehow the words have entered our longstanding quotes, “Pobre tomate. No puede bailer.”

  40. We like Josh and the Big Wall 🙂

  41. Josh and the Big Wall? Hard to pick when it’s been so long since I’ve seen them, but I know my 1 year old will enjoy them in the not too distant future!

  42. We have a very little one, so I don’t have any faces because I haven’t watched them yet! But Veggie Tales seem like a DVD I woukdnt mind my little one watching at all once shes old enough. 🙂

  43. WE had a tie between the “Indiana Jones” one and “King George and the Rubber Ducky”. My favorite is the Sing Along one.

  44. Josh and the Big Wall, always. 🙂 We’ve seen every single one and own many and my 2 year old always requests the VeggieTales theme song as her bedtime lullaby. They’re a big hit around here!

  45. dave and the giant pickle! the Esther one is good too.

  46. There is a special place in my heart for the old ones – The Grapes of Wrath and the Good Samaritan are my favs. I can’t wait until our little one is old enough to watch them. She already enjoys the Silly Songs CD we have.

  47. Where’s God When I’m Scared. All time favorite. I love the music in that one!!!

  48. God made you special

  49. We love Where is God When I am Scared!

  50. Esther is my very favorite, but Madame Blueberry holds a close second. I have a stuffed Madame Blueberry to remind me to be content with what I have :). Love the ‘I thank God.. ” song!