Game giveaway: Spot It

I love, love, love discovering good family games that can be enjoyed by many people of different ages. This week I was sent the game Spot It, produced by  This game comes in a cute little tin, which was the first thing I liked about it. Cardboard boxes almost inevitably fall to bits at our house, even when I remember to fortify them with packing tape right from the start, which makes me really appreciate durable game packaging.

Spot It consists of 55 cards that create a free-for-all matching game. (Is it only kid-at-heart me who adores games where you don’t have to wait for your turn??)  There are four ways to play, and you can play with 2-8 players.  The instructions put the minimum age as 7, but I’d say it is more like 4 or 5, especially once kids learn the names of the various shapes and pictures used for matching.

I’m giving away one game of Spot It this weekend.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me one game that you and your kids enjoy playing together.  If you’d like an additional entry, you can share the post on facebook or twitter using the buttons at the bottom of the post, then come back and tell me where you shared it.  I’ll be choosing a winner on Tuesday!

Other family games we love:

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  1. I love to play Concentration with my younger kids and also a game I picked up at a garage sale, called “Inkblots.” The game you’re featuring here sounds really fun!

  2. My kids, ages 4 and 2, love Sequence for Kids, Kerplunk (giggles galore), Princess Yahtzee, Connect Four, and any jigsaw puzzle!

  3. We have four kids under five so.we’re still in the hide and seek stage:) This game looks great!!

  4. Our favorite for adults is Dutch Blitz, but we play a lot of Memory around here these days!

  5. I don’t have kids yet, but my fiance and I love to play Monopoly, as well as Phase 10 and Uno.

  6. Our newest love is Blokus. Our four year old can play and it’s fun for adults at the same time.

  7. We love Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride at our house. Both are billed for 8 and up, but our boys have been playing them with us since they were 4 or 5. And they’re much more interesting then Candy Land or other kid games.

  8. Everybody loves Uno or variation of this game using Dora The Explorer cards for the little ones.

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  10. And shared on twitter. 🙂

  11. UNO!

  12. Hide and seek in the dark! My two year old gets a glow-in-the-dark toy to help him not be scared.

  13. My kids, husband, and I really like to play the “dice game” which is really called “Farkel.” However, this past Christmas we discovered a new game called “To Bethlehem” that we really love. ( It’s marketed as a Christmas game but you can play it all year long. I found our copy by chance at the local Christian bookstore. Love it!

  14. My kids are 2 and 6 and currently our favorite game is Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  15. We have played Yahtzee, Uno and Apples to Apples in the past, but I recently “rediscovered” the game of Scattergories, and now that the boys are a little older (9 & 12) they can enjoy it along with our older girls! They didn’t want to stop playing the other night…and asked to play it again the next night!

  16. Apples to Apples

  17. We are in a “Pretty Pretty Princess” rut lately. It’s at least a once a day game!

  18. Stephanie Norris says:

    We love to play Scrabble Apple as a family!

  19. I don’t have kids, but I have some friends who are like family who LOVE games. Some of my favorites to play with their kids are Settlers of America, Quirkle, and 10 Days in ________ (Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia… one time we got them all out at once and played Around the World in 40 Days). If I won, I would give the game to them as they’re always looking for new games.

  20. My kids, aged 5, 6 & 10 LOVE to play UNO. With attitiude. It’s great fun!

  21. We love Candyland!

  22. the game we’re addicted to right now is Qwirkle – me & my kids love to play games….

  23. My daughter is still a toddler, but my husband and I like to play Sequence and Monopoly Deal. We have an ottoman with games and puzzles in it, so we always have something to play.

  24. We love to play Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Apples to Apples!

  25. UNO is always a favorite, but our older two girls are finally old enough to play Pente…it’s a very fun game!

  26. Our oldest sons are learning Checkers right now, which is great fun!

  27. My son has vision therapy for some eye muscle issues, and this is one of the games that he plays there- excellent exercise for the eyes! We’ve been playing the online version at home.

  28. Apples to Apples and Sequence!

  29. Our newest game is Blokus. My 5 year old doesn’t quite get the strategy of the game, but he can still play!

  30. My son is only 16 months so his favorite game is to be chased. But my husband and I LOVE Fluxx by Looney Labs. Its by far my favorite game. It’s an every changing game and there are so many variations and you can combine different Fluxx games for more challenge and more people.

  31. We love to play Settlers of Caton as a family.

  32. Our family loves the game Whonuu (from Cranium). The littles get paired with a reader but we all learn new things about one another every time we play.

  33. We love this game! We also love Quiddler and the little ones love Hullabaloo.

  34. One that the adults love to play with the kids at our house is LABYRINTH by Ravensburger. I adore Ravensburger games. We had one called Enchanted Forest when I was a kid in the 80’s that my sisters and I loved.

  35. Also shared on facebook.

  36. Blokus is a big favorite at our house!

  37. Yay, new games! We have been playing uno and ligretto (similar to dutch blitz) lately. I also love Blokus and the new Connect Four where you shoot the pieces. Such fun.

  38. Ours currently love Candyland and Chutes and Ladders…but I will be glad when they start showing more interest in a wider variety of games. UNO Moo is starting to be more enjoyable for us all, as one of our little guys has finally grasped the concept of colour!

  39. During our long winter months, board games help to keep us sane! 🙂 Our favorites currently include: Monopoly Junior and Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!. I think we’re almost ready for the Scrabble Junior that I have stashed away in the closet…Yay!

    I agree with you about the durable packaging! One of my son’s favorite toys is a set of connectable magnets that came in a little round tin. It’s boy-proof! 🙂

    • Ooo! I forgot to mention Cranium Cadoo as well. (I’m a big fan of the adult version “Cranium” as well.) It’s a thinking game. 🙂

  40. Jessica W says:

    My kids love SORRY! (And so do I!)

  41. PastormacsAnn says:

    We like Apples to Apples, TransAmerica, Quirkle and Quirkle Cubes, Clue, Monopoly, Phase 10. Imagine-Iff.

  42. PastormacsAnn says:

    Shared your giveaway on my Facebook page.

  43. Jennie Smith says:

    Our family loves Five Crowns and UNO!

  44. My fiver year old LOVES playing Zingo, Pictureka and Sorry.

  45. Kids love candyland but mom and dad are really into playing SCRABBLE!

  46. We like Up and Down the River, Settlers of Catan, Quiddler and UNO Attack.

  47. The Original Dinner Games. 51 fun and easy games to play while you eat. It also comes in a tin can. Love that aspect!

  48. Jodi Smith says:

    We like Battleship and also doing puzzles. After looking at Dutch Blitz I think we might enjoy that as well.

  49. We love banana grams, and apples to apples, and UNO, is super easy for even the littlest ones to play. I spy bingo helped allnthe kids learn their letters too, and now they are onto challenging each other in battleship!!!

  50. I shared on FB too, love new games!!!