Moby-style wraps for my girls

I’ve been making baby carriers for our daughters this week, and it has been so much fun!  Our two oldest daughters are both pregnant, both expecting little boys.  Amanda is not due til May, but Erika’s baby was due several days ago, so we are on eager baby-watch around here.

The carriers I’ve made are patterned after one I used and loved with our two youngest daughters.  Mine was a Hug A Bub, which is very similar to a Moby Wrap. The design is exceedingly simple: a piece of fabric about 6 yards long and 20 inches wide, hemmed, with 20-inch square pocket sewn across the center of the rectangle. The girls both liked a soft chocolate brown knit fabric for the main part of the carrier, and chose different fabrics for the center pocket.  The hardest part of the project was laying the stretchy fabric out smooth and straight, then cutting it to the right size.  (Click on pictures to enlarge.)


Here’s Erika’s carrier.  The pocket fabric is a woven cotton with just a little stretch, and adds a good bit of stability to the center of the carrier.  Amanda chose a knit fabric for the pocket that also worked well.

The carrier wraps and criss-crosses around the parent’s body several times, creating a secure, cozy cradle for the baby, and an utterly comfortable wearing experience for the parent.  In my years of mothering tiny ones, I tried MANY carriers, and found this one to be the most comfortable one out there.   Below you can see the top of the pocket, folded over and hemmed.

The next picture shows the bottom front edge, with bottom edge of the pocket wrapped around to the inside of the carrier.  I finished every edge of the entire carrier with a ‘stretch’ zigzag stitch on my machine, which should stand up under the weight that this fabric will hold  (once that lil baby gets chubby.)


Since the carriers are very long and can be hard to fold up, I decided to also make matching stuff sacks.  Fun, eh?

Here’s a photo of me modeling Amanda’s carrier.  Doubtless it will be waywayway cuter on my daughter, complete with a baby peeking out– I’ll try to remember to get a pictures for you eventually.  But this gives you a general idea of the look of it.  I delivered Erika’s carrier to her today.  She tried it on and was very pleased with it.  Now all we need is for her baby to arrive!

The carriers can be a bit intimidating to tie on at first.  Here’s a good video explanation.  Once you’ve done it half a dozen times, it gets easy, but at first you will want good instructions.  And if you’re a novice seamstress and need more detailed sewing instructions than I supplied here, check out this complete tutorial from A Load of Craft.

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  1. I’ll have to try one of those. I love the simplicity of my sling, but after about 30 minutes it becomes painful.

  2. Oooh!!! So cute! I love it! They’re going to be so cute with little baby faces peeking out, too!!!

  3. Mary, you look so cute and skinny!! in that picture. I can hardly wait for the babies!!

  4. Love!!! I would have loved a wrap like that for my son when he was born. It looks super comfy.

  5. The little sacks were a brilliant idea! I wish I’d had such a thing when I was slinging and mei tai’ing my little bundles. These are so nice, Mary. And twice as nice because Mom made them! 🙂

  6. I loved my Moby wrap with my second daughter! (I got it too late with my first to really enjoy it.) Daughter number 2 was in it several days a week for about 8 months. Most comfortable carrier, in my opinion.

  7. I have a Sleepy Wrap (same concept as a Moby) and I LOVE it. I have fibromyalgia and a shoulder problem from an old horseback injury, so most of the carriers hurt me terribly. I can still do the Sleepy Wrap comfortably for an hour with my 17-month-old! If it’s comfy to me, it would be comfy to anyone. I love the adorable pockets on the ones you made!

  8. Love it!! Great job, Mary!

  9. Wow! You are so incredibly talented! I am going to have to dust off that sewing machine that I was given and see if I can learn to sew. I really would love to make some cute stuff for my daughter. I might even make us matching skirts or something. 🙂

  10. Oh, so fabulous!! 🙂