The last $20/week shoppers

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A few days ago I took my final two teenagers (13 yo boy and a 14 yo girl) on their $20 shopping trip. They’d had the advantage of watching three other siblings do their shopping, and had definite ideas about what they wanted to do.











The photo above lists the items our son bought, along with the prices he paid. The big packet of chicken was shared between both of the kids.  He opted for home-canned applesauce as his fruit and fresh tomatoes as his veggie.  Frozen burritos and ravioli made for easier meals than several of the other kids chose.










Our 14 year old daughter is not a big eater and had a hard time spending all her money.  She ended up with enough money left for fish sticks, chocolate milk, and enough grapes for several meals.  Since she bought three veggies (corn potatoes, carrots) and two fruits (apples and grapes)  she didn’t feel like she needed any home-canned items.  Looking at the per-day calorie count of all she bought, I am guessing she probably could have fed two of her on that number of calories.

Note:  For this experiment I’ve been guesstimating calories using a website called Calorie Count.  I listed the total amount of each food purchased, and then divided the grand total by 7 to get an idea of the total number of calories they had available per day.  All of the kids ended up with leftovers, so in general they didn’t actually eat that much.  But this experiment reflects that it is easy to get plenty of calories even on a moderate food budget.


  1. They did a great job. For some reason I love the fact that your son bought ketchup and your daughter bought an onion. Smart kids!


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