The Part I Liked Best: words from my 13 year old

This week I had to cook all my meals by myself and I only got $20. [Here’s what I bought]. It worked well to make my own bread because it was cheaper than buying it. I enjoyed eating French fries often because they taste good and are easy to make.

Cooking for myself was something I did not enjoy because it takes up time and it does not taste good sometimes.  I did not like my Spanish rice because it tasted weird but I don’t know what I did. My potato soup turned out tasting too salty.

Next time I would buy less flour because I only ate 1 out of 2 loaves of bread and still had a lot of flour left. It was hard having to cook stuff fast or not getting to cook something because I didn’t have enough time. The part I liked best was eating ramen every morning while the other people ate oatmeal. I made donuts one day– they were chewy but they were good.  I also enjoyed drinking pop for almost every meal.


Preparing Teens- Our $20 Experiment


  1. Ahh, 13! Starting to catch a glimpse of what life is like, and the choices you make as an adult. Although ramen for breakfast is no longer appealing as you get older…

  2. Oooh! Those fries look delicious! Please share your recipe! Sorry some of your meals turned out a little wonky. At least you have a few years to perfect your techniques before heading off to college!

  3. I love the different perspectives of each of your children depending on their age. But I am with him in a love for ramen! The good thing is he can keep practicing and next time will have an even better experience.

  4. I’d like the french fry recipe, too!

  5. This is precisely what my 6 y.o. would LOVE to eat every day, if I let her 🙂 (Umm…and exactly why she spent half of last year sick as a dog and on laxatives.)

  6. This is hilarious AND impressive! The homemade donuts, homemade fries, homemade bread…. way to go! And ramen for breakfast, wow!

  7. Love this series and what a great mom you are to allow them to figure this all out on their own. Even though he might have enjoyed his ramen I’ll bet he’ll be excited to have some of your cooking now!

  8. I love his honesty! What a great experience you are giving your kids!

  9. Ramen for breakfast? Who knew a 13 year old could be ready for college!
    Great job, young Ostyn.

  10. What you all are missing is that noodles and broth (Ramen) is a normal breakfast in Korea, maybe he was just “feeling his roots”.

  11. Love it! Those donuts look delicious and so do those fries! I’m impressed!

  12. Ha. My thirteen year old is a girl, but I could definitely hear the voice of the thirteen year old come out! Love it.

  13. That was hilarious and made me smile. Only good a 13yo drink coke for every meal and eating nothing but carbs and not get burned out. Or did he? I love this experiment and how they are all learning from it. I definitely love that he said he didn’t like it because it takes up time and doesn’t always taste good…but I noticed he stopped just short of saying he preferred mom’s cooking. :o)

  14. It would be a lot harder to cook for yourself routinely at 13 when you still probably need to follow recipes- much faster after a few years of cooking when you have the experience to just eyeball amounts and throw something together with what’s on hand.

    Also, as an adult who eats Ramen every day for breakfast and has since her earliest memories (just not a fan of breakfast food), may I suggest addings some chopped garlic or ginger (depending on the flavor- fresh ginger is great in the shrimp flavored ones)and dropping an eggwhite in? Just as easy, added taste and nutrition!