Monday links I like

We had a lovely weekend of various activities including getting together with all our kids.  Our daughter Amanda is 5 months pregnant and feeling her baby move lots, and our daughter Erika is only 4 weeks from her due date now. I had the utter fun of sitting with both of the Saturday night feeling their babies kick. Wow, it is just an amazing thing to see these little babies grow and to imagine the little people we will be meeting soon.  (The picture is of Erika, me and both of Erika’s grandmothers at her baby shower a couple weekends ago.)

Saturday night we watched an old Gene Autry movie where to my hubby’s dismay they broke into song every 5 minutes or so.  He’s not such a fan of musicals, and even I have to admit it was not the best musical I’ve ever seen.  But we also got in a few rounds of Dutch Blitz and lots of chatting and hanging out.

When we only had little kids, I imagined getting more sleep once they were teens.  But John and I find that the older our kids get, the more often it is that late evening on weekends is the best time to visit with them.  We’re glad for the time, but often it means we’re yawning hard on Monday mornings.

Then comes Monday.  This day is always crazy-busy for me.  We’re jumping reluctantly back into school for the week, while also plowing through to-do’s that got neglected over the weekend.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world to cope with Monday.

Here are a few links I enjoyed over the past few days.   What have you read recently that has inspired you?

Making mozzarella– I really want to try this sometime soon

Helping widows and orphans in Ethiopia —  the project run by my friend Levi Benkert

How to have a happier marriage— timeless wisdom that ruffles feathers these days

Recycled grain sourdough bread— here’s a bread recipe I want to try

Why urban educated parents are turning to homeschooling– a trend in homeschooling

Hating how we look— thoughts about kids and self esteem by my friend Journey Mama


And finally, this touching song by Katherine Heigl’s husband Josh Kelley about their daughter:

“I couldn’t see past me til I saw you…”


  1. Don’t remember where it was when I first heard this beautiful song but it is that– absolutely beautiful.

  2. Mary, you have a beautiful mother and daughter!! Thank you for the wonderful song, I had not heard it before. It brought tears to my eyes. And thank you for the link to the “How to Have a Happier Marriage” post, it was very timely.

  3. I don’t know why but I can’t see the link or video to the song.
    May God bless both your daughters with wonderful healthy babies that will be the joys of their lives 🙂

  4. I don’t remember you saying, what gender is Amanda’s baby? 🙂 Or does she know yet?