Writing with Gypsy Mama this Friday on the topic of ‘Vivid’.


It’s been a hurry scurry morning, one where we rushed from breakfast to car to a musical performance to the grocery store, with me all the time reaching a hand out to my little 7 year old. “Come with me. ”  “Hold my hand.” “Sit by me.” “Stay with me.”  And she does come and hold on and sit and stay close and we enjoy the stream of music and shopping and driving and talking.

But it is not til afternoon when she comes to me to show me she’s bleeding– the tiniest of papercuts that is barely eking out a tiny bit of red– that I hug her close and look her deep and true in the eyes.  And as I cuddle and reassure, her little self sinks into my embrace, and I soak her loveliness into my pores, and breath deep, and wonder why it took this long in the day to really see the vivid beauty of her presence in my life.



  1. The same type of scenario has been played out in my life many times. Thank you for the reminder to love our families well.

  2. She is such a gorgeous girl! We have two adopted children from South Africa, a boy and a girl. I see your daughter’s beautiful braids … did you ever write a post about the african hair? Fortunately I only have one girl with this type of hair, but there have been times I could hardly refrain myself from shaving it all off! So many tears…
    Have a nice weekend Mary,

    Natacha from Luxembourg

  3. Alisha Martin says:

    A beautifully rich post. Thank you!!

  4. Beautiful. We so often bypass those moments.

  5. Thank you. My little three-year-old is my constant sidekick in my busy life with older kids. I needed the reminder that, even though she is always around, I need
    to give her her own attention!

  6. I love this. Thank you for sharing =)

  7. Just beautiful. Thank you.