Craft: T-shirt headbands

Our daughter turned 14 recently, and since her biggest wish right now is a guitar of her own, John and I decided to give cash for her birthday. But the morning of the party I realized I also wanted to give her a little gift to open. I thought of running to the store to find her some little…something. But I didn’t know what. So instead I started to think about something fun I could make from things I already had. Pinterest to the rescue!



Here’s what I came up with in about an hour’s time from a couple of old t-shirts: two fun headbands. This was a really easy and fun project.


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  1. I made one the other day but it was braided all the way around! Yours look great! Pinterest is great!

  2. Way cute, Mary!

  3. Daughter number one just crocheted five chains, made the knot, glued the ends to ribbon and is happily sporting her latest creation! I think she is hopeful for a snow-day tomorrow so she can give your t-shirt version a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. They are so cute, but I’d have to pay someone to make them for me. I’m completely defunct in the crafty category.

  5. This is so cute! I think my girls and I will try it this afternoon.

  6. we are cutting up t-shirts right now for rags, maybe I better go save a few!

  7. where is the pattern to make the t-shirt headbands? I must be missing something, want to make them they are way to cute! thank you.