Great price on Tattler canning lids

There’s a 40% off sale Thursday only on reusable Tattler canning lids at I’m working on building up my stash of them, so was thrilled to see this price. I have a couple dozen of them so far and have been very happy with how they perform. And– huge favor — if you happen to buy them today and are a facebook friend of mine, would you consider doing it through my affiliate link? I will get 10% off my order for each person who anyone orders through that link.

I’d order quick– this sale sold out once already and then they restocked it, which is why I put up this post, took it down, and then put it up again. 🙂


  1. Sara Lester says:

    When I click on your affiliate link in the article, it doesn’t go through for me. Is it somewhere else on your site?

  2. We just began using this in late, late summer, but so far they’ve been very successful! Thanks for the link!


  3. Amber Howard-McGinnis says:

    I have never even heard of these—Thanks for the info! 🙂