Love the shoes

Just a quick running update this morning.  After having lots of trouble with shinsplints and plantar fasciitis during my first year of running, I switched shoes and since the fall have been very gradually easing into the Merrell Pace Gloves. I love them.  The lack of cushioning gives constant feedback which encourages me to land lightly and to avoid heel landing. When I run properly– which is of course my goal, one that is becoming more and more natural every day– the shoes feel great. My shinsplints are all gone, and my plantar fasciitis is 95% gone.  I’m gradually increasing my mileage without any consequences beyond sore calves.  I’ve run 7 miles in the last week which is the highest-mileage week I’ve had in months.  I’m really optimistic, and so pleased with these new shoes!


  1. I may have to save for those. I really need some new running shoes and love colorful flashy shoes so these don’t quite fit that but no injuries are more important!

    Glad you are doing so good with them.

  2. Excellent news!

  3. So you may have already mentioned it but…have you read Born to Run? I just finished it (checked out from my local library) and LOVED it. All of what you have been talking about is in this book. And thank you for the report on your shoes. I will be looking into getting some of those on my next go around!

  4. katherine says:

    thanks for the update! i’m about to have a baby (any day now…) and have been considering switching to minimalist shoes when i start to get back in shape in a couple months.

    do you run in them all the time? that’s what i’m not sure about. i want to run a half marathon in the fall, but don’t know how quickly i’ll adjust to a new style of shoes to be able to do that.

    • Hi Katherine,
      Yes, I run in them all the time. If you already run lotsa miles and want to keep doing so, you may want to run in minimal shoes only part of the time at first. (It seems like fall is far enough away that you could totally be switched over by then if you took it carefully and listen to your body.) But I was only running 7-10 miles a week before I got injured, so I just scaled back to heal up, and worked back into the shoes and the increased miles at the same time. I can barely stand to wear regular running shoes now. They feel big and inflexible and awkward.

  5. I bought a pair of these shoes and it really does provide great feedback. Im just starting to run in them but I am excited. Would you mind giving me an idea of exactly how often/far you ran for the first month or so? I’m trying to get back into running after not doing it for a while.

    • I started SUPER slow. Half a mile a couple times the first week, a mile at a time for another month or so, then a mile and a half for another month. I got the shoes in October and have only run 2-3 miles a few times, just in the past few weeks.

  6. Your plantar fascitis is almost gone? Are you mid-foot striking? That is my biggest problem with walking/running and I’ve all but given up.

    • Yes, I land midfoot/forefoot in these new shoes. I thought I was landing OK in standard padded shoes, but the upraised heel was making me come down too much on my heels, which led to plantar fasciitis. It’s almost completely gone now.

  7. Thank you so much for the update! I’ve been wondering how the new shoes worked for you.

    When I wear out my Vibram FiveFingers (which I LOVE), I would be interested in trying something more normal-looking in the minimal category. 🙂 I’m very curious about the Pace Gloves.

    Would you please write up a detailed review of the Pace Gloves?
    do you wear socks?
    have you had any sore spots/blisters?
    how is the fit?
    what material are they made of?

    Thank you!

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog here via your book on Amazon. I’m excited to dig in! I love my Merrell’s, I’m homeschooling at the moment, and after three bios we are just stepping our toes into the waters of adoption. I feel called to bring my large family dream (7 kids min :^) to fruition through adoption and part of my preparation is working on improving my home management skills, my personal well being through fitness, and the quality of the relationships I have with my current children. Phew. I see much potential here :^)

  9. I ended up liking the Vibrams better than the Merrells. Even though they have the same sole, I really like having all that space for my toes to spread out! They aren’t nearly as cute as the Merrells, though 🙂

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