A good day at the mall


  1. Awesome.

  2. This was a blessing. Brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Poignant considering the setting! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Janey Backer says:

    Love it, thank you for sharing!!!

  5. John and I just sat next to each other, both pulling this up at the same time, tears streaming down our faces. “Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices”…how many in that mall may have just heard of Jesus Christ for the first time? I always wonder how many of those people singing listen to the words they sing.

  6. How beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Oh, my. This is too funny. These people are from my brother’s church! In fact — my brother is in this!! 🙂

    This was amazing and we love watching it over and over!

  8. Beautiful! What a great way to start my day! I saw the founder of Improv Everywhere give a speech on the internet. He talked about the goal of bringing unexpected joy to everyday circumstances with flash mobs. This one brought joy and TRUTH!

  9. Wonderful … couldn´t help, I had to sing along …

  10. So, so amazing. I just cried my eyes out through the whole thing.

  11. I cried like a baby by the end. How beautiful. To be in the midst of all that stuff and stress, and have your attention so beautifully redirected. Wonderful.

  12. Very heartening to hear religious songs in one of these videos! Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! Have a very Merry, Holy Christmas, everyone!!

  13. What a thrill to me as we live in this decade where saying Merry Christmas isn’t politically correct. How joyous to see this group openly proclaiming, in song, the birth of the Lord Jesus.

    Thanks for sharing this. I passed it on to everyone in my address book!