Free cookbooks & cheap snaps

My cookbook winners are Becca (yup, her cookbook was definitely the ugliest!) and commenter #20 Sharon. Email me your address, ladies, and I will get free copies of Family Feasts headed your direction first thing Monday!

In other news, I just had to share a picture of the diapers I’ve made lately.  These are mostly newborn and small sized, mostly boys with a few pink ones in there to cover all the bases. 🙂  I’ve been having so much fun!


There was a bit of discussion about snaps in the comments on my how to sew a diaper post.  I’d mentioned that I was using my sister’s industrial-quality snap press, which is a spendy item.  Looking online last week for more snap colors, I found this deal on a hand-held snap press and 100 each of 3 different colors of snaps for $33.95.  I wasn’t sure how well this smallish press would work.  But I figured it was worth a try, especially since I was also getting 300 snaps.

When it came, I gave it a whirl.  And broke three snaps in a row.  Ugh.  I went to the website and watched the videos on the website.  Turns out I had the wrong size attachment for my size of snap. Once I changed it out (using a part that came with the press), lo and behold, it worked wonderfully.  You don’t even have to change attachments for the two sides of the snap, which is a nice time saver. If you’re looking for an affordable snap press, you might want to give that one a try.  But do be sure to watch the online videos. Then you won’t waste your first three snaps like I did.

(This is not a paid review.)


  1. I’ve been wanting to get started with the snaps, but didn’t realize it was so inexpensive, I had just been looking at the presses. The website you linked to actually has the pliers on sale for 12.95 right now by themselves, and then you can add whatever snaps you want, which saved me a couple of dollars.

  2. I have the kam snaps pliers. I have found it to be a good investment. The trick for me is to make sure to center the snaps in the pliers very well, or sometimes the sticking up part is pressed to the side instead of down, which makes it harder to snap.

  3. Wow, we cloth diaper and I thought about trying to make my own, but was totally terrified by the thought. Someone ended up giving us their stash, so it never came to me needing to figure out how. I’m so impressed!

    • I started making cloth diapers back in the olden days (aka the 90’s) before they were so fancy! 🙂 My sewing skills evolved along with the diapers, I guess. It’s a multi-step process for sure, but it is fun and very doable.