I’m sitting at the dining room table at exactly midnight with a bowl of Raisin Bran at my elbow, a computer keyboard under my fingertips, and Christmas lights twinkling from across the room at me.  There’s something so utterly serene about sitting alone in a room at midnight that when it happens I often stay up entirely too late, just savoring solitude.

We’ve begun Christmas break this week.  Yesterday I wrapped presents like a crazy woman and then tortured my children by asking them to stack gifts under the Christmas tree for me.  They say that so far my 9yo has the most presents.  Not that they were counting or anything.

This morning, thanks to vacation time, I had a lovely sleep-in til 10AM, something that almost never happens.  Side note:  I can usually get one extra hour of sleep by putting a pillow over my head when the sun rises.  This morning I got nearly three.

After breakfasting, I spent an hour in earnest discussion with a child over why it is not a good thing to rub raw egg on your brother’s arm, or to steal your sister’s newspaper.  Both minor offenses in the grand scheme, but showing such selfishness and disregard for sibling harmony that I felt compelled to chat with the child a bit.  And then a bit more when he/she took awhile to admit the error of such ways.  (My husband advised me to send the child to clean out the chicken house next time. I am hoping that my exceeding longwindedness this morning might be deterrent all on its own. We shall see.)

After lunch  (which came ridiculously close to breakfast) I set the children in front of a NOVA documentary about robots, and toodled off to a friend’s house with my sewing machine to sew diapers and chat while she worked on her daughter’s wedding dress.  Good visiting was had, if not a lot of sewing.

Then it was back home to jazz up ruin some good spaghetti by adding cream cheese per this recipe.  The pictures on the blog were wonderful.  My result was lackluster– my Ethiopians would even say hideous, given their hatred of cheese.  However I freely admit I only followed the recipe loosely.  Probably when executed properly it is better.  If you like cheese. Thankfully most of my family does.

Evening was spent toting a child to judo and several others to the pool at the rec center.  I got a bit of running and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  Then, tearing myself painfully away from the season finale of Biggest Loser, I went to collect my dripping children and get everyone home to bed.  (Side note:   if you saw the finale of Biggest Loser in its entirety, I would be most grateful for a recap!)

Later in the evening, once the hubby had been visited with, and the children had been sent off to bed, I collapsed on the couch to finish knitting a scarf I started over a year ago.  I also had a good little chat with one of my older daughters via facebook.

Tomorrow we’ve got a gingerbread party planned, as well as an orthodontist appointment and practice for the kids’ Christmas program.  I’d also like to somehow find time to finish some Christmas crafts.  And the baby diapers — they continue to call me.  I’ve made at least a couple dozen, in three different sizes, and am having such fun with them.  Tomorrow I’ll try to get you a picture of my scarf and the diapers. But now it is 12:30 and I really must sleep.

Here’s hoping your pre-Christmas days are going well…

PS– I’m still taking ugly cookbook entries.  Send me a picture if you think you’ve got a contender! (mary.owlhaven at gmail.com)



  2. Karen martin says:

    Biggest Loser recap. John won. No surprises. Looks like next season that Bob and Dovett will be the trainers and Anna got the boot.

    They’ll have it on hulu sometime today or tomorrow if you want to watch what you missed.

    Karen in TN

  3. Best Biggest Loser recaps ever! She is incredibly funny.


  4. Gingerbread reminded me of a craft project we did, we made ‘ginerbread’ cutouts out of cardboard and then using colored glue decorated with eyes, hair, etc. These are great additions to the tree and gave some to neighbors for theirs. We, of course, included real gingerbread cookies in a tin for the neighbors along with the ‘decorated’ gingerbread craft. They all loved them.